1. this "ItS jUsT mOdDeD mInEcRaFt" argument for Hytale is lazy and pointless

    CS:GO literally has half a million players enjoying it right now, it's been one of the most popular FPS games in history, and it all started out because of a mod for Half-Life.

    DOTA 2 is just behind Counter-Strike, also with half a million players, and also started out as a mod, for Warcraft. Arguably the most (if not second-most) prolific MOBA in video game history.

    DayZ was incredibly successful, and started out as a mod for Arma 2.

    PUBG was incredibly successful, and was also a mod for Arma 2.

    Team Fortress 2 is only around because of Quake.

    You know how Garry's Mod got it's name?

    And other games you might have heard of like Killing Floor, Thief, and a slew of other games are around because of smaller beginnings.

    Hypixel saw all the limitations that Minecraft has, just like devs before them did, and decided to do something about it. Something being similar to something else is a dumb reason to complain about it. There's plenty of sandbox games, and RPG's, and even voxel-based games. The game looks cool, it has way more capabilities than you or I ever had with Minecraft. If you weren't interested in sandbox/RPG's anyways, you probably wouldn't be reading this post.

    thanks for reading my rant, have a great christmas
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  2. I agree with you 100% in this. What they did was take a working concept (minecraft) and do it properly (I assume), better than mojang did it, while at the same time adding new features that vanilla minecraft did not have.
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  3. I hope it goes well in any case.

    Although, the difference between Hytale and Minecraft isn't as much as the difference between CS:GO and Half Life.
  4. I agree 100%
  5. So true.
  6. Agreed. though hopefully the game doesn't become like Roblox memes.

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