1. Basically what the title says. Is there a way to get guild info of a player from the JSON API (api.hypixel.net)?
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  2. There is!

    First, find the ID of the guild. You'll need an API key for all of the actions (get one by running /api on the server).
    You'll need to know the UUID of a player of the guild, as finding guilds via byName doesn't seem to work for now. This is how you can get the UUID of a player:

    This will give you the guild id:

    Then, you'll have an ID like 5713e39b0cf23c0d9cae8465.

    To now get information about the guild and its members:

    Make sure to replace the guild id with yours in the URL above.
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  3. Thank you very much!
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  4. Hey I know this thread is old but how do I search for members in the guild
  5. The API guild response includes the guild members in an array. See my post above on how to get a guild response from the API.
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  6. Thanks got it. Is the byName function deprecated? My IGN always gives the response null for guilds.
  7. Yeah, you should go with byUuid.
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