1. Hello fellow Housing players!
    After the recent PvP update, with the addition of /enchant, I am still struggling on how to use it and how to bring out this feature's potential

    Anyway I know how /enchant [username] [enchantment ID] [enchantment level] works, but it gives me some question

    1. Can /enchant [username] enchant what the other player is holding?
    2. Can /enchant enchant items with an enchantment that doesn't belong to it? (Example, Bow with Sharpness)
    3. When it said [enchantment ID] can I just example "Sharpness" it or do I have to get the Sharpness enchantment ID
    4. Is the limit to the enchantment level the same limit in Vanilla enchantment without commands, or can we stretch that further
    5. I saw blaze rod and slimes in the PvP items section, so can Blaze Rod be enchanted with Fire Aspect and Slime be with Knockback? And if so how much

    Thanks for reading this btw, really appreciate it, thanks!
    Edit: 6. Can I enchant an items that doesn't belong in the PvP category
  2. Also is there some way I can privately give items to a player without giving it to other players?
  3. 1. i dont think so
    2. yes you can i think
    3.no i think
    4the limit to them all is 10 or X
    5. yes i think
  4. bob


    bob Well-Known Member

    Enchant hasn't worked for me at all ...
  5. 1. nah
    2. pretty sure
    3. No, when you just do '/enchant' it will say all the ID things you need (they don't use regular IDs)
    4. 1-10
    5. Yeah, and you can enchant with other enchantments too am pretty sure.

    6. you can enchant heads. Not sure about any other block.

    7. not that i know of

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