1. Yes this update is going to completely rework MegaWalls, but I am extremely hyped to see an update that is next to completely community driven. Yeah the Mythic was kinda community driven but I think I was told lik 90% of the update is from the Community which just amazes me! Nice work!
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  2. LeFloofie

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  3. But... When?
  4. When
  5. Yes!
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  6. ok y r u guys copying the sweatshirt and sweatpants people while using higher settings than them? You guys aren’t cool :D
  7. Not happening for you loser
  8. Im the original sweatshirtboy fathead
  9. o then ur rly fat bc u barely move ur like a rock with long ass arms
  10. Not really im 6’2 and 160 pounds
  11. Hey guys let’s not fight on the Hypixel Server that can only lead to distress! We can all pray about it?
  12. that’s gay ur gay im gay we r all gay but ur gayest because gay
  13. No
  14. yes
  15. Ill make sure to pray when i goto church tonight
  16. Hmu with the Church that has service Monday night! I started going Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, Wednesday Night. I would love to finish the rest of the days :D

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