Should any action be taken in favor for snow man

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  1. Crypt

    Crypt Active Member

    So snowman...
    • Ice Bolt’s damage is reduced to 1.9 at max (previously 2.3 damage).
    • Snowman mobs now shoot once every 0.75 seconds (previously, the rate was once every 0.45 seconds).
    • Snowman now officially has a maximum of 4 mobs.
    • Winter Treasure now has a 4% chance of finding a Pumpkin and an 8% chance of finding a Snow Block when breaking a block at max.

    Ice Bolt’s damage is reduced to 1.9 at max (previously 2.3 damage).

    This is my main issue, with the fact that they nerfed the attack speed of the snowman mobs, the snow golems are insanely easy to kill, and you don't get as much energy at the same time. This nerf takes .4 damage from every spike, so essentially takes 1.2 damage from the entire ability, usually this wouldn't be so bad if the ability is actually decently hard to hit unless they are right in front of you.

    Snowman mobs now shoot once every 0.75 seconds (previously, the rate was once every 0.45 seconds).

    I can agree with this nerf, in every way, shape, and form, alone this nerf probably would've balanced out snowman but they had to nerf ice bolt damage

    Snowman now officially has a maximum of 4 mobs.


    Winter Treasure now has a 4% chance of finding a Pumpkin and an 8% chance of finding a Snow Block when breaking a block at max.

    Thank Jesus for this beautiful blessing.

    Possible solutions:

    1: Revert the ice bolt damage back to 2.3 or maybe down to 2.1

    2: Snow golem snowballs give some potion effect such as weakness or slowness

    3: Blizzard has an extra buff effect such as resistance or regen, or gives enemies weakness along with the slow

    4: buff the amount of energy snow golems give and/or buff the HP

    5: give snow golems .25 damage on snowballs or some tiny number like that.

    6: Don't do anything and let all the snowmen die in fires because we hate getting spammed by golems
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  2. I think 3 or 4
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  3. Nrkline1

    Nrkline1 Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
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  4. idiots

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  5. dont nerf snow man he is the worst class at the moment pumpkins are to hard to get, i remember i got like 2 pumpkins in a game and have to mine like 100 blocks to get them. I have never gotten a kill where i was able to keep an enemy from reaching me with snowmen up. that has never happened to me they always still reach me and i get killed. I cant this gathering talent is garbage and needs a buff please.

    oh wait you already did. I have never gotten a kill with this class. i just checked out all the changes in game. Snow man was the worst class ever and you made a bad problem worse. Please revert everything you nerfed and buff his pumpkin drop rate please. and why is arcanist explosion cool down 2 seconds? now arcanist isn't fun to play.
  6. Crypt

    Crypt Active Member

    Actually the snowman class was considered very powerful, you had to use your snow golems sparingly and there was a trick to getting around 30+ pumpkins, snow golems were very powerful against pretty much anyone and one snowman in a team fight would tip the scales in the favor of the snow man's team, the snow golems can disrupt combos and give energy to the snowman which can sit back and shoot ice from the side lines and give slowness to enemies, this allowed teammates to combo enemies much easier and made the snowman much more dangerous then you give it credit for. It needed a nerf to the snow golems, but it didn't need this.
  7. first of all that was the purpose of the snowman is to control the battle field. I was trying to get kills but i couldn't do anything as i was forced to stay back and couldn't fight. I ususally only get to use my spikes like 2 times per 1v1. I actually only wanted the golems to have a limit and increase the chance of getting pumpkins. It took me 100 blocks of mining snow blocks with my shovel ability to get just ONE. i never got a kill with a snowman by pushing back enemies with snowman. everyone i have met says this class is horrible and i barley see anyone play it. I was trying to upgrade it with mythic infusions since getting 200 kills and 50 wins is impossible to do. but sense they nerfed it to actual hell i actually was crying and now will never play snowman again as he cant be good anymore.

    people like me who get out reached by everyone because our internet isn't good enough. we need a way to win and have fun too because we will never be good like everyone else. I have spent so much time grinding arcade mode which is the only way i can get coins really. Snow man was the only way i could win because i didnt have to engage in melee combat i could stay back. but now i have to fight them again melee and snowman cant do that. so now the chance to have fun is ruined. abilites are the only way i could feel like i stood a chance at least but they all suck now.

    and the game is back to being indirectly pay to win.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2018
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  8. Crypt

    Crypt Active Member

    Then you just have bad luck, during prephase I usually got around 30-40 pumpkins, the niche of snowman is one that people don't like to play, you're right, it's built to control the battle field, which it does quite well if you position correctly.
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  9. lighted

    lighted Active Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    Snowman is still good
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  10. who even uses blizzard
  11. Crypt

    Crypt Active Member

    Exactly my point.
  12. ap hunters
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  13. 3, the nerf dropped it from being an overpowered class to an average class... could really give blizzard an actual use although its a tad helpful for rushing
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  14. 1 or 3
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  15. Shvaich

    Shvaich Active Member

  16. Crypt

    Crypt Active Member

    It's actually very good for defending as well, but the weakness would seal the deal really for defending really, and regeneration or something on yourself could be nice for rushing. I personally like the idea of 5 but that's because I want atleast one class that has minions that deal damage that are used for offence not for energy or knockback like literally every other passive with mobs. But I'm also insane so.. ya know...
  17. Snowman is literal cancer the nerf was good if you land all 3 bolts and play aggressively with snowmen you can still drop people with the slowness lol
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  18. yeah but its quite an average class now not as good as before it went quite down in the ranking
  19. I mean it was ridiculously high and now that other classes have also been nerfed like arc and spider I think that it's a fair nerf
  20. kawLer

    kawLer Well-Known Member

    Snowman is perfectly fine right now but if you're gonna tweak it at all then 2.1 damage per bolt is acceptable.
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