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    Here is another Smash Heroes map that I have created, I hope you like it.

    Ign: J0kooo

    Minigame: Smash Heroes


    Again, the forums doesn't like large files :/

    About The Map:
    This map is a map set by an abandon shrine somewhere in a paradise island, set in a clearing in a field, the heroes commence a surprisingly dangerous conflict in this paradise that is surrounded by beautiful trees, a clear sky dotted with puffs of clouds, and an ancient shrine that has been left to weather and rot away.

    The map took me about 7 hours of work and is pretty heavily detailed, with a nice immersion with clouds and trees that sprawl across the walls and a fairly decent map that supports lots of different types of play. There is a ledge for players to drop down into easily, it travels across the entire circumference of the map and is a nice feature. The players spawn on top of a structure that has stairs leading down to the center of the stage. Players can go to the very middle of the map and hide from incoming cover, there is a medium sized space (Circle is 5x5 with a 1 block wide doorway, but it has a large height.) that can make fights very intense if you get caught in it for a long amount of time. This is one of my most liked maps that I have created.

    Other Details:

    The map will soon be revised to meet the requirements for map submission, I mainly have to rework the walls and edit some minor things. This is my 5th Smash Heroes map and one of my best works! Note, I have had this map for a really long time, if you go to my twitter (@J0ko_) I had it posted for a good while, but I never had the reason to post it as a map submission until now. The map also meets all of these requirements currently (Will change once I edit it more):
    • Maximum Map Footprint: 61 x 61
    • No platforms smaller than 3 x 3
    • Cover from above projectiles is needed
    • Barrier ceiling to map
    • Has Hypixel Logo on walls.
    • Centered at 0,0 and the stage is 55 blocks above the void, while the walls go up from the void.
    • Has barriers around every wall and on the ceiling.
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  2. You need to put the name of the map under the Hypixel logo.
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  3. Joko

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    Virtual Savage GUILDMASTER
    Still working on that, I haven't exactly figured out what I'm doing with the name.
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  4. kazpers

    kazpers Well-Known Member

    The map itself is really good, although the walls could use some work. Nice map! :)
  5. Soldier76

    Soldier76 Well-Known Member

    make the entrence to the mid a bit larger
    becuase without it botmon's alt will be useless there (same with bawk)
  6. CreeperX893

    CreeperX893 Well-Known Member

    You may want to replace the Dark Prismarine Blocks with something else (because those are Bulk's car :p). This is why I use the Resource Pack when making MY maps; so I can know which resources I can and cannot use.
  7. Joko

    Joko Well-Known Member

    Virtual Savage GUILDMASTER
    Lol, the funny thing is I did this when I was editing it for submission. I usually do build with the pack, guess I shouldn't have replaced it lol.
  8. Looks nice but I would make the mid section 3 block wide holes. It feels a little small but I'm not sure what to do about that. Maybe small floating islands in between the towers? idk
  9. Joko

    Joko Well-Known Member

    Virtual Savage GUILDMASTER
    I actually tried that, but it didn't seem to work well with the ledge surrounding the map.
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  10. Edrago

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  11. Make the map bigger, looks really compressed. And have the paths more leveled to the main ground (I could see DPS classes being op on those outer paths).
    Overall, it's good.
  12. in my opiniĆ³n your arena map have a better desing

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