1. Map Name - Circled

    Your IGN - CrazyyPixel

    Minigames It's for - Smash Heroes

    Screenshot - http://imgur.com/a/d3E4N

    About The Map - This map is origin by Cubed, btw Hypixel has removed Cubed for many cons on that.
    Also I have idea for remaking this map, but don't like to reworked for Cubed bc someone made that before. :p

    Any Other Information - N/A

    VDO Showcase

    EDIT #2 This map will release Soon :DDD
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  2. Probably my favorite community-made SH map so far.


    EDIT: You might want to put the 4 above the 3 on the outer walls. :p

    EDIT #2: Hype for it to be added! :)

    EDIT #3: Yay! It got added!
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  3. yes
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  4. CreeperX893

    CreeperX893 Well-Known Member

    Why didn't you make this sooner, just wondering? You had this just rotting on your Youtube channel for who knows how long, and now you're just recently uploading? o_O

    Oh, well, I'm not going to complain. :) HYPE FOR COMMUNITY MAPS!!! :D
  5. this


    a m a z i n g
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  6. Bc I dont have much time to create thread, For busying irl and final exam on my school btw :/

    But, Its ok for not complaining :)
  7. Chibi_Wolf

    Chibi_Wolf Well-Known Member

    I'd like this map over the other map which there is a hole every 2 flipping meters...
  8. I seriously hope this gets added. This is build- team quality.
  9. Nice FOV :p
  10. Hey, Im gonna update map asap.
    Bc All Smash Map required Walls 131*131.
    Btw, My smash walls are 127*143 anyways.
    So, Yeah I'll fix walls for requirement. :)
  11. Smash is one of my favorite games on Hypixel and I would love to play on this map!

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  12. Updated Maps :) :
  13. Nice job :)

    Could you please post a imgur album that showcases the map from every angle please? Also, please be sure the screenshots are taken with a normal FOV(70) and not Quake Pro, thank you <3
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  14. builder_247:

    builder_247: Well-Known Member

    Mages of The End
    Looks like a good map :)
  16. Thank you, again nice job :)
  17. #17
  18. However, I fixed the fonts on Board Info of Circled.
    New Screenshots will be lived Soon :d
  19. Hi do you remember me?? lol
  20. This looks sick man!!! Can't wait to play this map

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