1. As I used to be a Mega Walls no-lifer, I found checking the colour of the scoreboard title was useful to quickly see what colour team I was on.

    For those of you unfamiliar with this system, at the top of the scoreboard in Mega Walls, as with all games, you had the "MEGA WALLS" text, bold and colourised - but the colour wasn't always yellow as it is in BedWars, it was coloured depending on the team you were on. The images below show that I was on blue team in the first game, and green team in the second game.


    I realise that BedWars has "(You)" listed next to the team that you are on, but being able to quickly glance at a colour on the scoreboard would be incredibly useful.

    Maybe I'm just weird - actually, there's no "maybe" about it - but I'd love to see this feature return in BedWars.

    i also may or may not have developed a habit and constantly think i'm on the yellow team >.>
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  2. TheWubblyBubble

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  4. Sure, this could be useful.:p
  5. Wouldn't hurt anyone, and why would they not do this anyways? That's not consistent at all.
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  6. Or maybe you could, idk, go f5 for 2 seconds? or even just look outside at what colour your base is? Not really that hard
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  7. when you play a game (Mega Walls) for 2 years and develop this habit it's kinda difficult to change, I know there are plenty of ways to check your team but it's such a small feature that it's not really gonna do anything but enhance the game if implemented.
  8. definitely useful..... but NO ONE LOOKS THERE ANYWAY
  9. Just come back to mega walls. The community is dieing we need someone to revive it.
  10. @Refraction how about you return to mega walls like you said you would and not make only like 2 videos on it :(
  11. Brontyde

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    Seems useful. :)
  12. Aboid

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    Finally somebody who makes the same mistake I do all the time :-:

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