1. OK. I get it. If you see a cool, new, epic boss running around after someone you might want to try and jump in. You might have the right intentions doing this, aka, helping out the other player... But you might ruin their time, money and game while doing so. Here's why:

    A big problem has been going on for days and that problem is the focus off the current Player Bosses. When a random someone hits your boss sometimes the boss turns their focus on them. This might not look like a big deal but when the player dies, or when they scare away because they can't handle the damage a high tier boss does it's pretty common your boss gets stuck in a block. You can hit it a million times but since it has no focus on you it keeps healing all the time and your time, money and fun have just gone down the drain...

    Another thing I personally truly dislike is the fact that when you get a miniboss people just wait at the side until it's close to 0 HP and then hit it once to take the loot. You might think: 3 Revenant Flesh, man.. that's nothing. But that's not the point... If you need 138+ kills in an already crowded hub those extra points are really helpful. There are certain times on the day that the server has a lot of players so every point towards your Level boss counts for a lot of players.

    My suggestion is the following:
    - Make Slayer Bosses focussed on the person who spawned them.
    - Make Mini-Bosses also only focussed on the person who spawned them.
    ( Maybe make it this way that if someone else kills your miniboss you still get the points to count towards your total amount for the big boss to appear )

    - I don't know if this is possible but it would be amazing if other people could not knockback bosses you spawned. I already lost 4+ Tier IV wolves to the void because some random derp jumped on my fight with Knockback.

    I think this would mean a lot for players in general who are doing Slayer quests. It's just a big waste if someone else ruins your fight / takes kills you need/knocks your boss in the void or gets it stuck in a block.

    Thank You.
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  2. yeah but then u could kill t4 bosses with ANY armour if u had 2 ppl. One takes agro and the other hits the boss back in lava/water
  3. No actually, since you still need to be able to take a hit every few seconds or the boss heals again. More people can be nice and it sure can help you but it doesn't help you if your boss gets stuck or runs off, or worse: gets knocked in the void by someone who doesn't understand that knockback is bad.

    2 of my IV Sven bosses got knocked in the void by a random person who has 600HP and jumps with normal diamond in my fight. I lose my XP, my drops, my money. It just makes no sense this is possible when it's me as a player who needs to kill 'x' amount of mobs to complete my Slayer Quest. It should be me handling the fight as well then, not someone else. :)

    ( i get the whole team aspect they might saw in this slayer update but with stuff like this that can go wrong it's more annoying at this point then it's helpful, really. )
  4. Henle

    Henle Well-Known Member

    Woah woah woah wait a sec, Woods.

    So, first off, when the Boss DOES focus on someone else, it makes it easier for me to kill, since it won't keep attacking me. But, if the player does or gets killed, it doesn't get sTUcK iN a BlOcK.

    And, bro, you virtually CANNOT GET KILL-STOLEN. If another person kills your miniboss, bro. He doesn't get the drops, XP, or whatever! Although, yes, he DOES sometimes take your kill...
  5. Pv1_

    Pv1_ Well-Known Member

    First Place Frags FPF
    Ban all nons instead.
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  6. But that means that you just want to gain your level the easier way? If it goes after someone else. While the other person might have some coins spared up, or might not have the same level gear as you do. So if they get killed ( happens a lot of the time ) they lose stuff. In my eyes thats just sad. It's my Quest so I should deal with it. ( right? ) What the point of doing them if you don't have to deal with it yourself? :p

    I agree it cant be 'stolen'. But if I do a quest it should be me who completes it. Not some random person. And I believe they added more minibosses last patch so people could complete their levels faster. ( lots of people in the same mine... less to kill, etc )

    And every time someone else was able to kill a miniboss earlier then me they got the drop, not me. Same for the XP counting towards the Quest Boss. ( might be a bug? No idea if this is intentional. )

    Sven gets stuck super easy by the way. I think he is the most block-problematic boss out there are the moment. It starts to random focus and then gets stuck. So nobody wins in that case.
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  7. Henle

    Henle Well-Known Member

    It was their choice to fight it.
    Be warned! You might die trying to help!
    ;/ change my mind I think they should not make minibosses kill-stealable.
    Ikr. Sven makes me cry
  8. Slayer quests bosses should only take damage from the person who spawn them. This way no one kills it when you are using magic find, gain aggro and lures the boss into the void, or just wastes your time. I know some are easier to do in groups but the fact that someone can make you waste 50k over and over because theyre toxic makes me not want to do slayer quests
  9. I agree with your points but then guilds, friends, and coop-mates could not help you either. Idk how I feel about this.
  10. Are you sure? I just killed some bosses (level 2 but that doesn't matter) and got nothing from them
  11. if you got the combat exp when some1 else killed your miniboss then it would be really easy to grief sven 4 since they could force it to spawn

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