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    Hi everyone!

    We have just released a new update for SkyWars which includes new Kits, Perks, Achievements, and a revised Mega mode. This is part of the upcoming skywars updates that we talked about at the end of may, which can be seen HERE.

    Continue reading to find out more.

    ▶ New Mode: Mega Doubles Time Limited Beta
    Over the past few months, Mega mode in SkyWars has been struggling to start. This is mainly due to its large player count, as well as less fun gameplay and a higher barrier to entry for newer players and players without kits. We tried to address some of these concerns in previous updates with limited success.

    Today we want to try something new and have replaced Mega mode with a time-limited beta mode - Mega Doubles. This mode was suggested by community members aimed at addressing our concerns and reducing the number of players needed for games to start.

    Current Changes:

    • Maximum players per game has been reduced from 100 players to 40
    • Team size reduced from 5 to 2 per team - so a 20 teams of 2 (crazy!)
    • The mode will now use Doubles Kits + Perks rather than previous Mega kits
    • Modified Mega chest loot
    While we are testing this new mode we want to gather community feedback on if the new mode should becoming a permanent replacement for the current mega mode. If this mode is to become a permanent mode, we would fix any issues with things like achievements, or refunds for previously purchased Mega kits. We will only make permanent changes to Mega if they are what you guys in the community want. At the moment, games aren't starting, and we want to try some stuff out to see if we can make a truly fun, engaging large-scale SkyWars mode where games start regularly. We are excited to figure this one out with your help.

    You can read more in depth explanation in the developer comments spoiler.

    This mode will be replacing the classic Mega mode for a limited time. If the mode succeeds and players are happy we plan to make more changes like allowing Mega Doubles to contribute to Mega achievements and possibly refunding Mega kit/perk coins. If players aren't enjoying the mode we are happy to put Mega back into the rotation.

    Mega mode brought something new to Skywars with big team battles and a huge map but it suffered for many reasons. We've spent a lot of time looking at Mega Skywars, the things it did well, and the things it didn't do so well. We believe the major pitfalls of Mega were a high player count requirement, scaling kits, and too large of a team size.

    Requiring 100 players meant that on weekdays and late at night when fewer players are on, the queue times became very long and this only got worse as the game got less fresh and exciting. Nobody wants to queue for a long time for a game that won't start! Hopefully, having a 40 player requirement will reduce this issue and keep queue times fast.

    The next issue that hurt Mega mode was scaling kits. Having strong kits that require a lot of coins to upgrade meant that new players struggled... hard. When you come into the game with a large disadvantage as a new player it's hard to stay motivated to keep grinding, this is one of the reasons games like Bedwars are so popular with new players. Hopefully using the kits/perks from Doubles mode will help remedy this issue since they have less impact on the result of the game and don't contain upgrades.

    Another issue that plagued Mega was the large team size. Playing with 4 of your friends turned out to be really fun but not everyone always has 4 other people to play with. This meant newer players really struggled to win because of teams of 5 good players and experienced players avoided playing the mode if their friends weren't on because they knew they'd have the same struggle. With teams of 2 hopefully, it will be easier to succeed as a newer player and more accessible when your friend group is offline.

    ▶ New Kits
    We've made a couple new and unique kits for you guys to check out, available now in Solo and Doubles - some of which give a huge unique twist on the game!
    • Jester - Gives a random sword with random enchantments
    • Zookeeper - Spawns 3 random mobs
    • Sloth - Permanent slowness, and 3 splashable slowness potions. Who doesn't want to be a sloth? Just us?
    • Magician - Everything an aspiring magician needs, invisibility potions, a rabbit, a hat, and an enchanted wand(sharp 4, don't touch).
    • Random- Get a random kit out of the ones that you have unlocked

    ▶ New Perks
    Along with the new kits also come a few new perks and these will offer a unique and challenging different playstyle, available now in Solo and Doubles.
    • Robbery - % chance to drop a player's held item if you hit them with your fist
    • Frost - % chance to give a player slowness on bow hit
    ▶ New Achievements & New Quest
    Not only will this update bring new kits and perks, it will also include some achievements and a brand new quests for the new mode.

    • Max Soul Well (10): Max out the capacity on your soul well
    • RNG (5): Win a game using a random kit
    • So much choice (5): Use the map selector
    • Criminal (5): Use the robbery perk to drop an item from another player
    • Uh oh... (10): Spawn the mystery mob
    • Slow and steady wins the race (10): Win a game using the sloth kit
    • Scientist (TIERED): Win 10/50/100/500/1000 games in any Lab modes
    Quest (replacing old Mega quest):
    • Weekly (10k xp, 3500 coins): Win 5 games of Mega Doubles

    Post-Update Patch (2018-06-07):
    • Frost perk now only triggers on fully charged bow shots
    • You can no longer steal teammate's items with Robbery
    • Fixed lobby scoreboard saying Teams instead of Doubles
    • Jester's sword can no longer be repaired

    Big thanks to @sfarnham, @roelie333, @Mason and the Player Council for helping out with this update!
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    Xecute X
    Oh wait this is Skywars
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  4. Looking forward to it hoping this makes more players play.. ;)
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    Iota IOTA
    Anyone else look like this when they're playing SkyWars? ;-;
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  6. Neato!
    first page yay
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  7. Wow, another SkyWars update!

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  8. Yes!1! this is what sw needed
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    Updates here, updates there, Updates everywhere

    Bedwars and skywars been getting a lot of attention ._.
    Wtf... why? Out of all the things in this update, This perk SHOULD not exist

    (Also sweet, New achievements :D )

    Side note: I hate how many ender pearls are given out in the last few minutes of the game (solo/team), It just causes people to run away, should add a border at death match
    Force them to middle with it
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  10. Cool! Already got a few of the new acheivements
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    This is going to be mega awesome.

    Bad joke, I'll stop.
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  13. GG
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    Offensive OFN
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  15. nice :eek:
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  16. what is the mystery mob
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  17. Hype! :D <3
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    Hyped for that guild update lol
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  19. And they said miracles weren’t real
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    very good
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