1. I haven't played any games with the new update yet, so I won't comment on many things, and you should probably take what I say with a grain of salt. However, I'll give some feedback that comes to my mind straight away.

    1. Despite the Angel of Death improvements targeted towards veteran players, souls still seem to be quite useless once you've unlocked a large portion of kits and perks in the shop. Perhaps players could choose to offer either souls or coins to the Angel of Death?

    2. I have no clue how the kit changes are (as I said, I haven't played), so I won't say anything about the changes made. However, I will say that I feel that the kit change proposals were largely hidden to most players. They were part of the SkyWars forums sections, whereas many players don't check the forums. Each draft had roughly 3 pages of replies. It's also difficult for players to tell exactly how kit changes, especially ones this significant, will affect the game by looking at changes on a spreadsheet. It would've been nice if the kit proposals were live before the update in a Lab mode, so we could see how balanced (or not) they feel and iron out bugs (like the Enderman no pearl cool down bug). This also would've exposed the proposals to more people.

    3. On the topic of levels, I don't feel very strongly about these since you can hide your own. I think that experience should be awarded for other things as well, such as completing quests or getting win streaks, instead of only kills and wins.

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  2. I'm not too sure if these new kits are needed... It's a pretty cool update though.
  3. Great update, although in my opinion, I think the crazy amount of coins that it costs to upgrade Angel of Death is simply insanity and should be changed. I get that you want to give vets more options for spending their coins, but in doing so, you make it extraordinarily difficult for newer/casual players to unlock these new features. Also, Souls become useless far sooner then Coins do, and because of this, I think you should be able to use Souls for upgrading the Angel of Death.

    Perhaps something like this:
    Angel of Death level 1 costs either:
    - 50k coins
    - 25k coins & 100 souls
    - 20k coins, 50 souls, and a Decent head

    This way, Vets can quickly unlock this by spending their coins, while new/casual players can also start unlocking this using their Souls & acquired heads.

    This would also give tiered heads more of a reason for existing besides only being Cosmetic.
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  4. wheres petscop 2 ninja i need answers
  5. This update is terrible...
  6. Gooood

    Gooood Active Member

    oh so its like bedwars stars :D
  7. Right now we pick the player with the highest % chance, and add 33% of all the other players's chances.
    So let's say there is a player with 5%, and all others have 2%.
    That's 5 + ((11x2)/3) = 12.33% chances.

    We might change that system later, but for now we want corrupted games to be pretty rare.
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  8. Fuusion

    Fuusion Active Member

    Quite possibly the worst SkyWars update ever. None of this was needed, everything was fine the way it was, completely balanced, and these new maps are garbage. Honestly don’t care if the staff or build team are annoyed by this, this update is terrible.
  9. more like bedwars 2.0

    thanks for killing the game
  10. That is true, but you can still use souls to get a few more coins.
    Our goal was to get it mostly right, and let players give us feedback on release.
    If you have any feedback on the kits, please tell us and we will balance the kits in the next few days. :)
    We will think about it!
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  11. Hookle

    Hookle Well-Known Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    honestly great update. all i will say though is that when players are nicked, their star is still next to their name. this is an issue for higher star players bc they could get targeted even while nicked.
  12. yo when are you going to move our perks and kits to insane mode back @aPunch
  13. aPunch

    aPunch Minigame Developer

    There is an option to toggle off showing your level/icon in chat. However, making it automatically display a lesser level or even removing the level prefix for nicked players altogether is a good suggestion.
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  14. Action321

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  15. I've seen a few comments about Skywars turning into Bedwars, I'm not sure what those mean exactly, could you explain please.
    Is it because of the prestige system using the same colors and titles than Bedwars?
    The system is different though, you earn exp through Kills and Wins, you can choose your icons and the leveling format is different.
    I'm also confused how a cosmetic chat system is changing the game itself.
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  16. Hey wait a second...


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