1. did they nerf bw fireballs? cos these fireballs dont break blocks or give kb, last time i checked bw ones do
  2. So yes...? Because holy shit if I have unlimited fbs in sw or bw, on a short cool down, I could see how that could be OP. Like imagine... fb jumping, lots of kb, blow up people's bridges... etc. etc. etc.
  3. well there's a 30 second cooldown, and your kit is pretty reliant on the chest gear. so you must use them as sparingly and as effectively as possible.
  4. Ok... a 30 sec cooldown I wasn't planning on. I thought by "short" they meant like 10 sec or something. I was picturing it like the ability from the BW ultimates kits.
  5. Why is the corrupted games are so rare
    why can't it be like every 4 games
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  6. yKalataG0D_

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    Toxins TOXIN
  8. I had 6billion coins.
  9. AlvaroRogers

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    Where can I get the prestige icons? I mean in text
  10. I want to know how to raise my level in skyswars :D:D
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  11. Nice necro.
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  12. Right click
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    Hey Im no staff or anything but people generally dislike it when people post on very old threads, so please watch out for the big red box saying "this thread is really old" that requires you to check it off before posting lol
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  14. I'm sooo bored
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  15. Stop necroposting please. And this comment is not in relation with this thread. Please try to post at the RIGHT place.

    Edit: And don't set YouTube links on an abnoncement thread to have more views.
  16. I somehow got a sweet head. What amount of kills did that person have to have?
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  17. why do you people do this shit
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    Content CON
    Stop necroposting. Someone lock this thread
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