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    Hey all!

    Today we have a brand new SkyWars update introducing SkyWars Experience and Leveling, Corrupted games, Mythic Kits, restructured insane/normal kits and perks, solo challenges, bugfixes, and much more for the holiday season!

    Many of the features and changes in this update were designed with veteran SkyWars players in mind. We understand that there wasn't much to work towards once you've unlocked all kits, perks, cosmetics, etc. so this update attempts to address that problem. In the same way that we worked with the community to rebalance Kits & Perks, we want to work with you to ensure all of these new features are as fair and balanced as possible. Keep this in mind as you read on below, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

    SkyWars Experience and Leveling
    As a means to reward players, old and new, for their time spent playing SkyWars, we have added SkyWars Experience and Leveling to the game! You now gain experience from killing players and winning games, which contributes to your overall SkyWars Level.

    Leveling up rewards you with SkyWars Coins, Hypixel Experience, Loot Chests, and more! Every 5 levels gained, you unlock a new Prestige and Prestige Icon. Prestige Icons display to the right of your level in chat, allowing you to show off your progress and look...prestigious! The color of your chat prefix is determined by your current Prestige.

    NOTE: If you want to hide your level/prestige icon, there is an option for hiding/showing it in the SkyWars Level Progression menu.

    Right now there are 10 Prestiges in the game:
    • Iron Prestige (Level 5) - White
    • Gold Prestige (Level 10) - Gold
    • Diamond Prestige (Level 15) - Aqua
    • Emerald Prestige (Level 20) - Green
    • Sapphire Prestige (Level 25) - Dark Aqua
    • Ruby Prestige (Level 30) - Dark Red
    • Crystal Prestige (Level 35) - Light Purple
    • Opal Prestige (Level 40) - Blue
    • Amethyst Prestige (Level 45) - Dark Purple
    • Rainbow Prestige (Level 50) - Rainbow
    • Mythic Prestige (Level 60) - Dark Purple


    Existing players will notice that when you join a SkyWars lobby for the first time, you will be retroactively awarded SkyWars Experience based on your current kills and wins. We are only taking solo, doubles, mega, mega doubles, and ranked kills/wins into account while calculating your initial experience amount. You will also be rewarded with all of the leveling rewards from the levels you gained!

    • 1 Kill (any mode) = 1 Experience
    • 1 Win (Solo/Doubles) = 10 Experience
    • 1 Win (Mega/Mega Doubles) = 20 Experience
    • 1 Win (Ranked) = 4 Experience

    Corrupted Games and Heads
    The biggest gameplay change in this update is the introduction of Corrupted games. From now on, any Solo or Doubles Normal/Insane game has a small chance of becoming Corrupted by the Angel of Death. When a game is corrupted, killing players will drop Heads instead of Souls.

    A Head is like a trophy, displaying the name, date, and mode information behind the kill. Each Head that you gather will be displayed in the Head Collection in the SkyWars Lobby.


    In addition, each Head has an associated rank that is displayed at the bottom of the lore. The rank is determined by the amount of kills that the player had at the time of you killing them.

    Head Rank Types:
    • Eww! - 0-49 kills
    • Yucky! - 50-199 kills
    • Meh - 200-499 kills
    • Decent - 500-999 kills
    • Salty - 1,000-1,999 kills
    • Tasty - 2,000-4,999 kills
    • Succulent - 5,000-9,999 kills
    • Sweet - ???????
    • Divine - 10,000-24,999 kills
    • Heavenly - 25,000+ kills
    Right now, there are two types of Head display menus - Recent and Prestigious. The Recent Heads menu will show your 28 most recent Heads gathered, while the Prestigious Heads menu will show you your 28 most prestigious Heads. As of now, a Head is considered prestigious only if it ranks as Salty or higher. Can you find a Heavenly Head?!

    Angel of Death and Corruption Chance
    Each game's chance of becoming corrupted is determined by you, the players! Every player contributes a small percentage chance to the total chance. By default, you don't contribute any chance to the total pool. However, you can make a coin offering to the Angel of Death in order to increase your personal chance!


    Though the added percentage chance may not seem like much, especially for the cost, it adds up quickly! Even if a few players in a given game only have 2-3% chance each, that boosts the global corruption chance to around 10% already. The more higher-tiered players there are in a game, the higher chance you will corrupt the game and have a shot at collecting those rare high-end Heads!

    As shown above, donating to the Angel of Death also unlocks new Prestige Icons. There are 12 Angel of Death levels in total, each giving 1 Prestige Icon. Can you unlock them all?

    Mythic Kits

    Mythic Kits are a new type of kits, available both in Normal and Insane modes. These kits are not especially strong in terms of gear, but they all have special items and abilities that make their gameplay really unique.

    To unlock Mythic kits, you need to collect Heads from Corrupted games. You have to choose wisely as each Mythic Kit will require an increasing amount of Heads each time you unlock a new Mythic Kit! The first Mythic Kit will require you to gather 25 Heads total, but the next one will require a total of 100 Heads, meaning you will need to get 75 more Heads in order to unlock the second kit.

    For this update, we've started out with 3 Mythic kits:

    End Lord
    • Purple Leather Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots (w/ Protection III in Insane)
    • Time Warp Pearl x3 - These teleport you for 3s before being teleported back to your original location.
    • End Stone x12
    • Mystical Cloak - Cosmetic particle cloak.
    • End Lord Skin - When the cages open, your skin will be changed to this skin.
    Monster Trainer
    • Green Leather Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots (w/ Protection III in Insane)
    • Capture Egg x5 - These eggs allow you to capture other players' mobs and claim them as your own.
    • Throwable Spawn Egg - Throwing this egg spawns a mob with random stats at the location that the egg lands.
    • Monster Trainer Skin - When the cages open, your skin will be changed to this skin.
    Nether Lord
    • Orange Leather Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots (w/ Protection III in Insane)
    • Nether Brick x12
    • Fireball Ability - Right-click with your sword or bow to launch a fireball, on a short cooldown.
    • Nether Lord Skin - When the cages open, your skin will be changed to this skin.

    Keep in mind Mythic kits might not be completely balanced yet and we really need your feedback to help determine any changes that need to be made!

    Why Corrupted Games and Mythic Kits?
    If you want to find out why we added those features, see the spoiler below!
    We are aware that there are tons of players who have nothing left to buy in the SkyWars shop. Some of you have 5 million coins, 10, 20+ millions. Clearly, this is not okay as players should always be rewarded for playing.

    The problem with the current system is that we simply can't add unlimited amount of perks to the game - it is already crowded with perks. We could change the system to allow players to choose only X amount of perks, but that would be overly complicated and would, in the end, remove content from the game.

    We want veterans to be able to spend their coins on something, without feeling like this is "just a coin sink". The Angel of Death donations are very expensive, but also very prestigious. They unlock chat cosmetics and allow you to increase your chances to play Corrupted games.

    Mythic kits are another very cool way for us to add fun content to the game. In the future, we want to add more Mythic kits based on community suggestions!

    Insane Kits and Perks
    As we addressed in previous threads, we are replacing Solo/Team Kits and Perks with Normal/Insane Kits and Perks. Since Kits and Perks applied to both Normal and Insane modes, they were usually only balanced in Normal and sometimes completely useless in Insane. According to your response and subsequent balancing feedback, you agreed!

    Now, Normal Kits/Perks have replaced Solo Kits/Perks, while Insane Kits/Perks have replaced Teams Kits/Perks. If you've unlocked anything in Solo or Teams, it will carry over to this new system and you will keep all of your Kits and Perks. For example, if you had a Kit unlocked for Solo in the previous system, you will now have that Kit in Normal and Insane. Below are the detailed balancing changes that we have made to accommodate the new system.

    Although we went through several stages of balancing and rebalancing, it's possible that some Kits and/or Perks are not perfect. Let us know what you think!

    Solo Challenges
    Put your Solo skills to the test with the new SkyWars Solo Challenges system!

    In any Solo mode, pick from a provided set of special Challenges that increase the difficulty of winning the game. You can either pick one at a time or stack the odds against yourself by selecting as many as you want. You can access SkyWars Challenges Menu by right-clicking with the Blaze Powder in your hotbar during pregame. It will open a menu where you can click to activate any of the 8 possible challenges.


    List of Challenges
    • UHC Challenge - You cannot heal during the game.
    • No Chest Challenge - You cannot open any chests during the game.
    • Archer Challenge - You cannot deal any melee damage during the game.
    • Paper Challenge - You are paper-thin and take MUCH more knockback when you get hit.
    • Half Health Challenge - You only have 5 hearts.
    • Ultimate Warrior Challenge - You spawn with only a Stone Sword, cannot use other swords or bows, and cannot wear armor.
    • No Block Challenge - You cannot use blocks during the game.
    • Rookie Challenge - You must play the game without a Kit or Perks.

    New Maps
    As shown in the Holiday Big Box Update thread, we have released 4 new holiday-themed SkyWars Solo/Doubles maps. This SkyWars update adds 3 additional brand new maps!




    New Achievements and Cosmetics

    New Cosmetics
    We have added 23 cosmetics, including several new holiday-themed cosmetics for you to unlock with Tokens in the lobby! Read below for the full list.

    • Snowball Projectile Trail
    • Winter Cage
    • Candy Cane Cage
    • Snow Golem Cage
    • Santa Claus Balloon
    • Rudolph Balloon
    • Candy Cane Balloon
    • Snowplosion Kill Effect
    • Snow Globe Kill Effect
    • Fragile Death Cry
    • Disintegrated Death Cry
    • Horse Death Cry
    • Wither Death Cry
    • Big Baby Death Cry
    • Wow! Death Cry
    • Christmas Kill Messages
    • Reveillon Spray
    • Christmas Tree Spray
    • Mob Party Spray
    • Santa Spray
    • Snowball Fight Spray
    • Decorative Island Spray
    • Festive Harbinger Spray

    New Achievements
    We have added 15 new Achievements this update, for a total of 160 Achievement Points! Read below for the full list.

    • Challenge Pro (5 AP) - Win a game while doing 3+ SkyWars Challenges
    • Challenge Master (15 AP) - Win a game while doing 7+ SkyWars Challenges
    • No Chest Challenge (5 AP) - Win a game while doing the No Chest Challenge
    • UHC Challenge (5 AP) - Win a game while doing the UHC Challenge
    • Ultimate Warrior Challenge (5 AP) - Win a game while doing the Ultimate Warrior Challenge
    • Paper Challenge (5 AP) - Win a game while doing the Paper Challenge
    • Half Health Challenge (5 AP) - Win a game while doing the Half Health Challenge
    • Archer Challenge (5 AP) - Win a game while doing the Archer Challenge
    • No Block Challenge (5 AP) - Win a game while doing the No Block Challenge
    • Rookie Challenge (5 AP) - Win a game while doing the Rookie Challenge
    • Corruption Lord (5 AP) - Win a Corrupted game
    • Happy Meal (10 AP) - Obtain a Divine Head or better
    • Sold Your Soul (5 AP) - Make a donation to the Angel of Death
    • Mythical (5 AP) - Unlock a Mythic Kit
    • Head Hoarder (5-10-15-20-25 AP) - Gather 5-25-100-250-1000 Heads

    Bugfixes and Other Changes
    • Improved Kit Selector menu in-game.
    • Rearranged/improved Soul Well menu in the lobby.
    • First line of scoreboard now shows the date and server name for bug report purposes.
    • Changed "Player died." message to "Player has left the game." if player leaves before cages open.
    • Wither Rider Victory Dance is now available to purchase with Tokens.
    • Fixed Shopkeeper NPC not showing up in the holiday lobby.
    • Fixed particle spam with fishing rod.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to bypass the ender pearl cooldown.
    • Fixed Peep Projectile Trail not working with eggs.
    • Fixed text in Lucky Blocks private games wrongly displaying that you gained coins for bounties.
    • Fixed TNT Chestplate activating for teammates and dealing damage.
    • Fixed exploit that allowed you to select kits you didn't have unlocked.
    • Fixed being able to use Lightning Stick on your own mobs.
    • Fixed rubberbanding issues with SplatCraft Boots.
    • Fixed issue with Lucky Blocks stasis teleport effect.
    • Fixed Enderchest kit spawning a chest in the air on Dawn.
    • Fixed Laboratory lobby GUI showing an inconsistent mode order.
    • Fixed using Sword of Justice on teammates spamming the lightning effect.
    • Fixed Sword of Justice healing friendly mobs.
    • Fixed emojis not working in /shout.
    • Fixed Star Power particles staying active after death.
    • Fixed Kit Selector sometimes moving to a random inventory slot.
    • Fixed being able to store Kit Selector bow in dispensers/block inventories prior to cages opening.
    • Fixed being able to spam click to drop your Kit Selector bow and then use it in-game.

    Thanks again for your feedback in the kit balancing threads! As always, let us know of any issues you experience with the update in the appropriate forum. Enjoy and Happy Holidays! :)
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    thank you for FINALLY adding snowsplosion lmao so overdue

    Besides that I actually like this update. Stars aren't a big deal, they're just cosmetics. Heads are fun to get when you can get them. The new kits look fun to use. Redfang is ehh for gameplay though
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  4. Mythic Kits?! :eek:
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  12. i had 3 billion coins before the update and they all disappeared admins please fix
    i also had 50$ in my wallet that vanished. and pig rank. admins pls
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    IfOnly I
    I like the corruption and the way the kits work now, but it just seems so much like bedwars
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  18. Some things are good, others aren't though..
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