1. Hey all! We've talked about our upcoming SkyWars update for a while and now it's here, available for you to play right now on the server. This update includes:
    • New Kits
    • New Perks
    • New Maps
    • Balance changes
    • Bug Fixes
    • A new improved Lobby
    • The SkyWars Laboratory
    Read on to find out more about this update, or login to the server to play it now.

    ▶ SkyWars Laboratory


    Say hello to the SkyWars Laboratory! The Laboratory or Lab is a collection of highly experimental super fun new modes all based on the original SkyWars, but with crazy new mechanics.

    The Lab was inspired by discussion about the Insane mode modifiers. After listening to your feedback, we realised that the modifiers in Insane SkyWars weren't very interesting, and for various reasons were not selected that often. We have now removed the modifiers from Insane entirely, and instead aim to create new and interesting 'modified' modes which we will add to Labs over time. If you have any cool ideas for modes, share them with us!

    You can play these experimental modes right now in the SkyWars lobby by clicking the Laboratory NPC. Please note that to avoid game starting issues these modes do not have map selector, and modes may be removed (and new modes added) at any time.

    The first version of Labs is shipping with 5 modes:

    A huge snow storm has drifted through the map! Collect and throw snowballs at other players to damage them or knock them off the map. And if you stay on your spawn island for too long, destructive snowballs will destroy your island!

    TNT Madness

    You asked us to fix TNT jumping, so we went one step further. In this mode there is no explosion damage and we've added different types of custom TNT you can use to launch yourself (and others) around the map. Destroyed blocks will drop even more TNT.

    A very fast-paced game. Spawn island chests contain Enderpearls which can be used to travel quickly, but when thrown you will physically ride the pearl and can be damaged. Very quick, very fun.

    Floor is Lava

    Any blocks stepped on will start to break slowly and turn into lava. As the game progresses, blocks break even faster, meaning you have to constantly move to stay alive. Iron blocks (and other tough blocks) break slower, so loot quickly and use these to your advantage.

    Kill by Color
    All players have different colored armor, and start with different colored dyes in their hotbar. You can only damage an armor color by hitting that player with the dye of the same color e.g Red Dye can damage Red Armor. Pick up more armor to survive longer, and swap your dyes quickly to deal the most damage!

    ▶ New Lobby

    We've updated the SkyWars lobby with some improvements. We've switched from Play Signs to NPCs (like the Prototype Lobby) and have updated the leaderboard system to the new system. Other small improvements include moving the portal back so you don't hear the noise as much and flattening the area to give more space to use certain cosmetics.

    Overall we feel this is a strong improvement and we look forward to hearing what you think.

    ▶ New Maps


    ▶ Kits and Perks

    We've added new Kits and Perks to Solo, Mega and Ranked. Please note that the Ranked kits will not be available until the end of the season as to not upset balance mid-season.

    Slime: What's bridging?


    Pig Rider: Like a horse, except the horse part


    Salmon: Better than speed pots


    Engineer: Build traps for your YouTube montage


    Pyromaniac: Some say the world will end in fire


    Fisherman: Why fight when you can fish?


    Ranked changes will be applied at the beginning of next season.

    Hound: Man's best fiend


    Paladin: Time your resistance to crush the noobs



    Black Magic

    Ranked changes will be applied at the beginning of next season.

    Hound Kit Perk

    Paladin Kit Perk

    ▶ Gameplay / Balance Changes

    General Changes
    • Added the SkyWars Laboratory, featuring 5 experimental modes to start
    • Added Disco Mode. This non-gameplay affecting special mode may happen randomly during your games.
    • SkyWars is now fully translatable. You can help with the translation for your language here.
    • Added refill indicators to all chests. Chests will now stay open after they are looted for the first time.
    • Empty bottles now disappear after drinking a potion
    • Allied mobs no longer take fall damage
    • Lucky Charm, Marksmanship and Revenge perks will now send a message on activation
    • Chance-based perks now have consistent descriptions
    • Lucky Charm will now drop the golden apple on the ground if your inventory is full instead of disappearing
    • Removed projectile trail on fishing hooks Added back due to popular demand
    • /shout now respects the chat filter and /ignores

    Lobby Changes

    • The SkyWars lobby has been updated to a new version
    • Changed the name of Team Mode to Doubles
    • Added commas to lobby stats
    • The Scout's kit icon has been changed to a speed potion
    • The Annoy-o-mite perk icon has been change to a silverfish egg

    Solo & Doubles

    • Chests refills come 30 seconds faster in Solo
    • Chests refills come 60 seconds faster in Doubles
    • The Revenge perk is fixed and now spawns a spider instead of a zombie
    • The default kit in insane mode has been buffed to iron tools
    • The Jackhammer has been changed to an Efficiency V Unbreaking III pickaxe
    • Add 4 stone pressure plates to the Cannoneer kit


    The Mega balance changes went through community review.

    • During pregame, at 60 players, a 5 minutes timer will start
    • At 80 players, the timer is set to 60 seconds
    • At 100 players, the timer is set to 10 seconds
    • The Wall of Death has been buffed and now deals a lot more damage
    • Added a new spawn-island only refill after 30s so everyone has a chance at picking up gear
    • Default kit has been buffed to iron tools
    • Pulled Elven Towers and Tundric from rotation for quality reasons
    Center chests:
    • Guarantee either armor piece or weapon from each mid chest.
    • Diamond helmet (Protection IV) > Diamond Helmet (Protection II, Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I)
    • Diamond Chestplate (Protection IV) > Diamond Chestplate (Protection II, Unbreaking III)
    • Diamond Chestplate (Projectile Protection III) > Diamond Leggings (Projectile Protection III)
    • Diamond Axe (Efficiency III) > Diamond Axe (Efficiency III, Fire Aspect I)
    • Diamond Sword (Sharpness II, Fire Aspect I) > Diamond Sword (Sharpness II)
    • Best bow at mid (Power III)
    Island chests:
    • Bows won't be enchanted
    • All blocks will spawn in stacks of 32
    Kit Changes

    The mega kit changes are available to view HERE on Google Spreadsheet!


    Ranked changes will be applied at the beginning of next season
    The Ranked changes went through community review

    The ranked kit changes are available HERE on Google Spreadsheet!

    ▶ Bugs Fixes
    Special thanks to all of you who posted your bug reports on the forums!

    • Fixed an issue where TNT didn't properly apply knockback, meaning "TNT Jumping" didn't work
    • Exploit: The kit selector could be dropped and used as a bow during the game when using a different language than English
    • Exploit: Players could use two kits at once under certain conditions
    • Exploit: Using water and lava buckets to spawn cobblestone could let players get out of build range
    • Exploit: Pistons could be used to get out of build range
    • Exploit: /who showed moderators spectating
    • Bug: Fixed Revenge perk
    • Bug: Certain perk upgrades couldn't be purchased without having the perk's full unlock cost
    • Bug: Fixed Head Rocket and Final Smash kill effects
    • Bug: Fear Me Mortals achievement didn't properly trigger
    • Bug: Messaging of players killing themselves from "logged out" to "died"
    • Bug: Coins could display twice in the lobby under certain conditions
    • Bug: A rewards message would sometimes appear during the middle of the game
    • Bug: The scoreboard wouldn't update after the last kill
    • Bug: Add athlete potion to kit customizer
    • Bug: Unstacked buckets from pyromancer in kit customizer
    • Bug: Fishing hooks getting stuck in spectators
    • Bug: Spectators able to break boats and minecarts
    • Bug: Spectators opening enchantment tables
    • Display: The Armorsmith kit didn't give the proper items
    • Display: The Siege achievement had an incorrect description
    • Display: In-game kit selector menu spamming chat message
    • Display: The athlete speed potion displayed two different durations
    • Display: The Disco Kit description lied about its feather falling boots enchantment level
    • Display: "???" appearing in some kit descriptions

    We would like to thank the Hypixel Council for their balancing expertise and all of those who helped test out the lab experiments. Looking forward to hearing your feedback in-game on the forums. Have fun.
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