1. Hey all,

    We've been reading your feedback regarding the update, and I've made a lot of replies to specific points. I wanted to collect my responses + answers to questions into a single thread so we can centralise discussion (rather than pointing people to random different threads).

    I tried to make my answers as in-depth as possible to help clear up misconceptions and provide you with all the information. I also ask that you keep discussion in this thread so I can actually read it - so it's not split across dozens of individual threads all repeating the same stuff.

    Please note: We respect your opinions and encourage you to share them, but insults / arguing / rule-breaking posts will be removed immediately. We will also remove posts that are significantly off-topic and get in the way of the actual interesting discussion.

    Q. Why did you add Loot Chests from Bed Wars to SkyWars? Why not develop an entirely new system from nothing?

    Firstly, Loot Chests are not a Bed Wars thing. They have been in Murder Mystery since launch, and before that Mystery Boxes occupied a similar space for Lobbies and Housing. We built Loot Chests to include them in multiple games from the beginning - the system works well. Loot chests were always intended to be included in games like SkyWars - the system took a lot of time to develop, so it doesn't make sense to spend weeks developing some entirely new system when this framework exists and works well to let players unlock stuff. This way we can (and did) spend more time actually making new cosmetics, or working on game updates. Re-using frameworks where possible is one of the things that makes our server successful, and helps us save time so we can spend more time creating new game content and other updates.

    Speaking of which, most of the cosmetics are original. All the art was drawn by our wonderful artist Conor who is a big SkyWars fan and used his play experiences as inspiration. There are new items (which took time to code) across all categories, as well as entirely new categories that took time to develop from scratch. As for us reusing certain cosmetics like Projectile Trails, Minecraft only has so many vanilla items you can use. After a certain point you've used all the particles, so I don't think it's bad in any way to use the same particle for a projectile trail. Surely this is common sense when you're working with such a limited set of items and tools like in Minecraft? If we could easily inject more of our own artwork and models into our games we would do so, but it's Minecraft and we can't.

    Q. "Right now SkyWars is the same as Bed Wars just without beds & infinite health until it breaks"

    This is insanely far from the truth, I don't even know where to begin. The gameplay between the two games is entirely different - Bed Wars is a respawn-based base defence / attack game with resource gathering and item / upgrades shop, SkyWars is a single-life dangerous random-loot based game with upgradeable kits and perks. Just because we added some cosmetics to SkyWars - which the majority of the community asked for, since 99% of players don't play Ranked - doesn't make it "the same as Bed Wars". Is Murder Mystery the same as Bed Wars because they both have Loot Chests?

    The uniqueness and the beauty of SkyWars has and always will come from the tense games where you're looting, you're bridging to mid, you're trying to gear up and control the play and confirm kills whilst staying on top of the re-fills and using your unique combination of perks and kits to try to come top, to win against the odds of 11 other players. It's rapid, intense, 1-life of looting and fighting and fun and victory. That's what's so addictive about this brilliant game, and it hasn't changed 1 bit - some cosmetics being added doesn't change that, and it definitely doesn't make it 'Bed Wars'. Not even close.

    Q. Why do you add things that people can spend money on? Do you only care about money?

    Every day we spend time doing things that don't "make money". 95% of the work we do doesn't add any revenue to the server at all in any way. We try to minimise the time we spend on "monetisation" related features so we can focus on the thing we all actually enjoy: the game content. As creative developers, we'd much rather be working on new game content than on cosmetics.

    But at the end of the day maintaining 35+ games on a server that has 50,000+ concurrent players on weekends, and millions of players over the course of each month, is expensive. We need to pay developers and cover our various bills including hosting and other. We then reinvest into expanding the team by hiring even more people (see hypixel.net/jobs) so we can do even more stuff. We try to monetise as fairly as possible without damaging the play experience of our many games. The alternative is to slowly decline and shut down because you can't afford the bills, just like many other servers. But this isn't a risk for us yet, because we add sensible options for players to support the server by buying things on our store. That's how we survive and grow, and why we've managed to grow during a declining period.

    The Minecraft EULA (guidelines on what servers can and can't sell) is incredibly restrictive, and in order to survive and grow as a team and a community we need to make enough money to cover our costs. Selling Loot Chests provides a great way for us to pay the bills and pay our developers whilst not affecting gameplay negatively. Games like SkyWars and Bed Wars help subsidise the development costs of other games on the server, which often don't make enough money (through boosters or other items) to cover their operating + development costs. SkyWars is lucky enough to be a big game with a lot of dedicated players, but other games aren't as lucky. Adding Loot Chests to servers is a huge net positive for game and system updates across the board - the Loot Chest for just Bed Wars and Murder Mystery combined actually makes more money than all the game boosters combined.

    I want to reiterate that last point: Loot Chests in Bed Wars and Murder Mystery make more revenue than every Booster game combined. And that's not counting SkyWars, or Ranks that are mostly driven by the popular games on the server. The most popular games offset the development and hosting costs of smaller games. Without the launch of SkyWars in 2015, we would have declined and maybe wouldn't even be here now. Without Bed Wars in 2017, the same could have happened.

    As for only caring about money, this is completely not true. We've spent the past 2+ months slowly updating Smash Heroes - this does not make us money. We are now working on a similar update for SkyClash - this does not make us money. We don't believe these updates will make the games more popular or make more money, we are doing this because we want to get those games into a stable and fun place for those communities. Other games will be next, but it's slow work, and the costs of that work are covered by sensible monetisation across the server.

    Q. Why aren't you updating [my favorite game] when it has lots of boosters in the queue?

    Firstly, as answered in the previous answer, we don't base our update schedule around what will make money. Read the previous answer for a full explanation.

    But to be frank, there are misconceptions about the value of Boosters. In December, boosters only account for around 2% of our total monthly revenue - less than Loot Chests in just 2 games. As we've said before, the vast majority of our revenue comes from Ranks, and if we're going to compare tit-for-tat, Bed Wars is the highest revenue game by a huge margin because it has brought in millions of new players, lots of which joined the community and have purchased Ranks and other store items.

    As listed above, we've spend a good part of the last 2-3 months iteratively updating Smash Heroes to fix all the bugs and add some much requested community features. We worked with the community to fix all the maps and also apply some sweeping balance changes to the game. This is still a work in-progress. We have also started this same community-focused process with SkyClash. Other games will follow.

    We can't do everything. We support millions of players across a ton of games on a platform that is incredibly hard to make money from thanks to a lack of tools and very little support from the Minecraft developers. It's tough out here - just look at other servers who are struggling. We try to do the best we can to update everything whilst also ensuring the server will be running for - fingers crossed - years to come.

    Q. Ranked Rewards are less "special" now / Why don't you care about Ranked?

    Whilst I don't personally agree, I respect and understand why you feel this way. Ranked Rewards have gone from being the ONLY cosmetics, to a unique collection within a wider group of cosmetics.

    The plan was always to add more cosmetics to SkyWars, ever since the first rewards were added - some have been in the code for over a year. Cosmetic rewards were added to Ranked mode pretty much on a whim without giving it much long term thought - it was like a "hey, we're doing a new Ranked mode, let's throw some of these cosmetics we plan to add to other modes in as rewards". Of course it took us way longer than we thought to add other non-Ranked cosmetics. However, what this resulted in was some of the worst behaviour in Ranked mode: people cheating, hacking, exploiting and boosting their way to the top because they desperately wanted the only projectile trail, the only victory dance. This is actually really bad and unhealthy for the mode and the game.

    The original point of ranked was to provide a competitive mode where players can test their skills and go up or down based on their rating and tier, like other video games. It was not supposed to be something people felt like they had to play and grind because it was the only way to get cosmetics. This is actually a failure on our part. If the only reason you were playing Ranked was for some cool cosmetics, that's not a good reason and we have not made the mode what it should be. You should want to play Ranked because it provides fun competitive gameplay with tiered placements and competitive leaderboards, perhaps even 'esports' level competitions one day. Any unique cosmetic rewards should be a little bonus on top of fun gameplay, not the main driving reason for you to play a mode you might not even enjoy.

    However, we specifically excluded Ranked Rewards from Loot Chests because we still wanted them to be unique rewards for placing highly. The only way you can unlock Ranked Rewards is by playing Ranked.

    It's also worth noting that statistically only around 1% of the total SkyWars playerbase actually plays ranked (total unique players). Most players don't bother playing Ranked because they prefer the other modes. Allowing the other 99% of players access to some cosmetics (but not the unique ranked-only rewards) is a net positive for SkyWars, and the Server as a whole. And it was always the plan for over a year now.

    It's okay to feel bad that you've gone from having the only cosmetic to a unique / prestigious set within a wider set of cosmetics. I understand and respect that. But I ask you take a wider view and look at the wider picture and see how this benefits everyone in the long run - these cosmetics could help fund actual updates and changes to the format of Ranked, which I think we can all agree needs serious consideration and improvement as a competitive mode. Right now, Ranked SkyWars is not a hugely popular game mode, and yet we spend tons of our time thinking about it, resolving issues, maintaining it, tracking down and banning cheaters and boosters. Maybe now we can start talking about how we can make Ranked SkyWars a truly great competitive version of SkyWars, and not a poorly optimised method of unlocking 5 cosmetics.

    Q. I saw someone unlock a Ranked Reward, but you said they weren't in chests?

    During launch there was a bug that allowed some players to unlock 2 Ranked Rewards in Loot Chests. This bug was fixed that same night, and by our count only a handful of players were affected.

    For clarity: the bug happened because having to exclude a special set of unique cosmetics from Loot Chests was not an existing feature of the framework. We added a check, but the check didn't apply to every cosmetic because some were added separately and then later repurposed as Rewards (as discussed in previous answers).

    Players who unlocked these rewards will have them removed soon, and will be given a replacement Loot Chest as compensation.

    Q. It's too hard to get the new cosmetics. Can you add more ways to get cosmetics?

    Contrary to memes, we read all your feedback. I've read pretty much every thread on the forums in the past couple days and also have had extended conversations on Twitter and in-game with various community members of all skill levels and backgrounds.

    I definitely feel box supply should be increased, meaning we will add some new ways of getting Loot Chests or Tokens. Or both. I'd love to hear what you think about how we should do this, to let you guys get more boxes. Perhaps a daily token quest? Looking forward to reading your feedback.


    Thanks for reading. Looking forward to reading more feedback and making adjustments as necessary.
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  2. KamIsOutNerds

    KamIsOutNerds Well-Known Member

    make tokens achievable by playing the game. Not talking about loot chests, these can stay how they currently are, but there in fact should be a way to achieve more tokens rather than getting 4k a week.

    Win 64 tokens
    Kill 16 tokens

    These do not get affected by ntwrk boosters, nor personal boosters.
    Achievement for 5 ach. Points would give you 50 tokens, the one for 10 would give 100 etcetera.

    loot chests should be obtainable by EVERY weekly quest, not only free loot chest one. Same with tokens.

    also each daily quest should give like 500 tokens

    really great idea by IHackedJake, if you agree with it go like HIS post not mine, it's 10 posts below this post
    it might not be best place to say it but i like pizza
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    LCTUER Well-Known Member

    mkzayha GUILDMASTER
    Ok my question is why did you add it to skywars not build battle or uhc
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  4. RobstersB

    RobstersB Well-Known Member

    H e a r t s MEMBER
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  5. Because the Skywars are more played
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  6. My post got deleted idk why. But at the end I said that you should add a way to convert your coins into tokens and loot chests. Rip my first spot.
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    LCTUER Well-Known Member

    mkzayha GUILDMASTER
    but we never wanted it
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  8. RobstersB

    RobstersB Well-Known Member

    H e a r t s MEMBER
    Maybe a 10% chance to get a box on a win or 10 wins = 3 boxes daily or every 2-3 days
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  9. I still say that the ranked cosmetics lose a lot of their unique value.
    (Original Thread)
    Hello people,
    I'm sure that all of you are aware of the new Skywars Cosmetics update, and if you aren't, well, get off the forums and check it out. I personally am not a fan of this new update for the sole reason that these new cosmetics de-value ranked cosmetics. I currently recieved 5 Legendary Ranked Rewards from the past 2 seasons alone, one of which is the (Diamond Division) Hearts Kill Effect. I really like the effect, as well as the fact that it is really nice with my texture pack, but I don't like that I spent possibly 40+ hours last month grinding for this, and yet, today it was debunked by something that someone got by opening only a few loot chests. I get a kill in my ranked game, and then the other guy kills someone else, and he has the Lightning Strike Kill Effect. I spent a lot of my time on ranked, only to have the value of my rewards plummet solely because someone got lucky.
    I think that you should be able to get tokens from skill based factors alone, (like maybe 50 per win, 5 per kill) and from ranked rewards. (2.5k for wood, 5k for stone, 10k for iron, 25k for gold, 50k for diamond division, and 100k for masters.)
    This would require skill this get the tokens, as you need kills and wins/ranked rewards.
    I just don't like how the new update has de-valued ranked rewards.
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  10. Allow tokens to be obtainable from playing games.
    Maybe 5 tokens per kill and 100 per win
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  11. But I've always wanted cosmetics in Skywars. And I don't think I'm the only one.
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  12. How about allowing for unlocking Skywars achievements, creating certain odd quests that can be added as weeklys, or adding a way for token drops to randomly spawn in a lobby.

    These would allow players to get tokens easier and in a more fun way. I'd really love to see these additions along these lines at least considered. May I have feedback?

    Quests: Complete the no armor challenge! *Receive 5000 tokens*

    Fist challenge! Only use a fist to kill others! *Receive 5000 tokens*

    Slay the dragon! *Receive 10000 tokens*

    Kill Streak! Kill 5 players within 3 seconds of each other! *Receive 7500 tokens*

    Note: These are weekly quests. They are also just ideas that can be changed.
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  13. great post tactful love the update bro keep it up
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  14. I think u should be able to transfer sw coins info tokens (i almost at max shop besides cosmetics) i also think maybe a kills is 5 tokens and a win is 20 (something u have to grind for) also i sorta lioe the update i might half already bought 50 loot chest
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  15. I think that, not to op bc there weekly
  16. AhMing

    AhMing Well-Known Member

    TheClutchers OFFICER
    Told ya! You needa make a discussion thread when an update that is discussable comes out XD Don't want the MVP++ threads and SkyWars update sucks thread spam again.
  17. the concept of getting cosmetics from loot chests does
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  18. Housing + lobby cosmetics were unlocked in Mystery Boxes. Having a box you open to get cosmetics has been in video games for literally years and years.
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  19. Songgg

    Songgg Well-Known Member

    I completely disagreed with the update at first but now that I put the shoe on the other foot (for people that don't play ranked) I guess I can cope with it, though I think there should still be an option to toggle seeing certain cosmetics for other people but only on your screen, say only ranked rewards, because I personally dislike the kill messages in particular, they give me less vision and I don't want to know that "git dabbed on by You" means "knocked off a cliff" or whatever since it's drastically different from the original kill message
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  20. Idk what to say anymore. You keep on repeating yourself with every response, so I'd sound like an idiot if were to say it again, but i will ;D.
    The reason everyone is so pissed off is because they sweated for hours and hours to get cosmetics, now that you can beg your parents for it and get the same things, it decreases the value of the cosmetics and their original purpose, a show of skill.
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  21. ianvtr

    ianvtr New Member

    soul well is useless to several people. make it possible to convert souls to tokens.
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