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  1. Map Name: Submerged
    Builder: SlipperyBanana
    Minigame it's for: Solo/Teams Skywars
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    After working on my previous skywars map, Egypt, I started to like sand more. I began to find fun combinations for the sand to work with. A lot of the comments for Egypt were saying it was great, but it seemed a little dull. So, over a few days, I was contemplating what to do with the map. Leave it as the desert, or spice it up a bit? I decided to leave it, however make a whole new map that told a whole new story. In this map sand looks much more bright, not because it changed its brightness, but the things around it gleam and shine and make the sand do the same. This map, Submerged, is about an old ship that has sunk under the ocean. Sand is flooding the ship, supplies are everywhere, parts of the ship are broken off or have holes. This ship has reached the colorful, lively grounds of the sea floor.
    • Spawn Islands - Each spawn island has three chests, one furnace, and four crafting benches. Regarding the ores of the spawn islands, each island has five gold, four iron, two coal, and three diamonds.
    • Mid Island - The middle island has six chests, one enchantment table, one anvil, nine crafting benches, and two furnaces. Regarding ores of the middle island, the island consists of six diamonds.
    Bridging Information: It takes eight blocks to build to middle, you could comfortably jump to it from 6-5 blocks. Although there are built in arches from the half circles to middle, you can easily build up to the island yourself from any area.
    Specifications: There is No Grass , the pictures I provided proof that the rest of the requirements have been met.
    Additional Information: I
    f you want, check out my first map https://hypixel.net/threads/egypt-solo-teams-skywars-map-submission.1016173/
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2017
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  2. Even better than your first! You are really talented! :)
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  3. Nukl

    Nukl Well-Known Member

    Moonlit OFFICER
    I like it!
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  4. This map would be very interesting to play on! Hopefully it gets added!

    Good job on these amazing builds!
  5. A little bit of reef like the ranked map would be cool.
    I really hope they add most of these community maps - there are too many good ones to only add 3-4 (and they removed 9 anyways).
  6. Oh wait, are they only accepting 3-4? Oh boy. That's rough. Also, I tried adding some reef, but for one, Reef is already it's own map. I don't want to be taking too many things away from it, and for two, I tried to implement some of it but it wasn't fitting the ship theme, so I went with coral and seaweed and various colored rocks instead. I'm glad you like it, PrideDHomunculu
  7. Nombul

    Nombul Nombulator

    Radiate MEMBER
    Amazing job once again Slip! Great detail in this one :D
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  8. Brqve

    Brqve Member

    SkyTitan MEMBER
    This is a good map also. I hope i can play on it :)
  9. Maniraj, what could I do to change your no to a yes?
  10. slurp me.
    also good map you slurpy banana
  11. I have an "S" at the end of my name. Anyways, Vinny8Ball's map submission thread says "Skywars (3-4 maps)". In my opinion they should just most of the good community ones, as there are at least 8 of them that I feel should be added.
  12. Noice man! :D
  13. Paa_K_E

    Paa_K_E Well-Known Member

    Dude this one is even better than the Egypt one ! Good Job :)
  14. Thanks!
  15. M0N3Y

    M0N3Y Well-Known Member

    SkyLegion OFFICER
    Sorry, miss clicked and didn't realize it until you mentioned it :)
  16. harrypxxx

    harrypxxx Active Member

    ur in his guild lol
  17. Harry, what did you think could be changed to change your no to a yes?
  18. harrypxxx

    harrypxxx Active Member

    Getting real people to Vote and not ur Guild people
  19. Very nice! Need more maps like this :p
  20. link223

    link223 Active Member

    Fairy Tail OFFICER
    Good stuff, better than the first one!

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