1. Relenter

    Relenter Minigame Developer


    Hi everyone!

    We have just released a new update for SkyWars which includes a new time limited Lab mode called Hunters vs Beasts, Laboratory rotation, Bug fixes & Lobby NPC changes. Throughout June we exploring more new content for Skywars including new kits, perks, a revised Mega mode, and the previously announced Map rotation system with new maps and returning old maps.

    Continue reading for all the details on the changes this latest update brings to Skywars

    ▶ Laboratory Mode Rotation
    Last year we introduced SkyWars labs with some fun new modes, but over time you let us know that these mode started feeling very same-y and you wanted something new. So today we are implementing a new rotation system for SkyWars Labs where new modes will be rotated in and out based on popularity.

    Starting today, we are removing the existing modes from rotation (TNT Madness, Rush, Slime and Lucky Blocks) and replacing them with our brand new mode: Hunters vs Beasts. By having a rotation, this limits the amount of server capacity we have to use to run games, making games load faster and play better overall.

    Do you have an idea for a great new SkyWars Labs mode? Please let us know! We are also investigating the possibility of updating the old Labs modes whilst they are out of rotation to make them even better than before.

    Time Limited: Hunters vs Beasts
    It's a battle between Hunters and Beasts in this new mode!
    • Beasts start with strong equipment, abilities such as double jump and access to a special leap pearl - this makes it very easy for them to navigate around the map
    • The Beast's goal is to kill all of the hunters before the time runs out
    • Hunters have the advantage of having a lot more players
    • Hunters win by surviving until the time runs out or by managing to kill the beasts

    You can play this new mode by clicking on the Laboratory NPC in the SkyWars lobby!


    ▶ Lobby NPC Layout Changes
    In order to clean up the SkyWars lobby, we've merged some of the NPCs. Along with this we have renamed "Teams" into "Doubles", making SkyWars match other games for consistency - "SkyWars Teams" was really just "SkyWars Team of 2" or "SkyWars Doubles", and opens the possibility for us to experiment with larger team games if that's what the community wants.

    Please note that this doesn't mean more clicks, it's still the same number of clicks to get into your favorite mode.
    • "Solo Normal" and "Solo Insane" have been moved into 1 "Solo" NPC
    • "Teams Normal" and "Teams Insane" have been moved into 1 "Doubles" NPC

    ▶ Bug Fixes
    Thanks too @Likaos for the following bug fixes that have been rolled live over the past few weeks:


    • Fixed kill count per kit stats.
    • Fixed a bug where TNT Kill Effect destroys items.
    • Fixed a bug where Squid from Squid Missile Kill Effect could be killed and drop items.
    • Fixed a bug where the Guardians Victory Dance stops the laser effect.
    • Fixed "Is this a portal" achievement.
    • Fixed Scout Kit to display the correct speed level.
    • Fixed Mystery Boxes facing the wrong way in the lobby.
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  2. Development Progress Summary

    As summer is fast approaching we have lots of exciting game and system updates in our roadmap that we can't wait to share. Here are some quick highlights from all the stuff we are working on (this doesn't include everything):

    Guild: Guild Update has now entered internal testing, with some great improvements being made from the feedback.

    Cops and Crims:
    We have recently started a QoL update for Cops and Crims, the intention of the so-called Quality of Life updates is to bring older games in a good and enjoyable state so if your CvC fan make sure to Follow the progress HERE and share your feedback as it's important part of the process.

    Mega Walls:
    With any big updates we want to make sure to support it after release as part of this process Mega Walls recently got a Post Update Patch and the HPC are currently going through feedback from Balance/Content Patch Proposal which once done we can start work adding these changes into the post patch.

    Although this is a small insight to our current development plans, we are excited to share more progress updates moving forward.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Aepathy

    Aepathy Well-Known Member

    Hype! I'm on the first page as well!

    Hunters vs Beasts is a very fun game, but I feel like the beasts could use a slight buff. I've played around twenty games and beasts haven't won a single one.
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  5. DoYourFlashCards

    DoYourFlashCards Active Member

    gg hype!
    lol i didnt even know the mystery boxes faced the wrong way...
    nice to hear, can't wait for more guild activity/action!

    nice to see the npc's more organized and now symmetrical

    For beasts vs hunters, I think number of beasts/hunters could be fluctuated/changed. Maybe 2v10 is a bit unfair, even with the given advantages. Also, I thought all kits/perks were disabled in lab mode, I suppose it doesn't really matter
    still waiting for a paintball/classic update...
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  6. Now for guild update please
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  7. We need More cosmetics!
    Last edited: May 29, 2018
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  8. Amazing update, already been playing around with it for a while. Thankyou so much for spending your time to update Skywars. <3
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  9. Nice update!
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  10. Kuh


    Kuh Well-Known Member

    Yes!! A Skywars update! A very good job by you guys :D

    Thanks ♥
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  11. ItsTene

    ItsTene Well-Known Member

    Cute Boys GAY
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  12. Eyyyyy nice!
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  13. Saimo

    Saimo Active Member

    Vanessa VANS
    Quick QoL thing, can you make it so clicking on the ranked and mega npcs lets you join without having to click two times? Seems kinda useless having to since you can't choose a map
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  14. New lab mode, huh? Okay, i'll check it out.
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  15. Wow cool
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  16. Trevorcraft71

    Trevorcraft71 Well-Known Member

    phat YEET
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  17. #17
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  18. Thankyou so much, this is overdue in my opinion. Can't thank the developers that are working on Skywars. <3
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  19. youareamazing

    youareamazing Well-Known Member

    Another SW update... ? But hype
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  20. Tiru

    Tiru Well-Known Member

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