1. Guys, I am playing skywars for like 1 week and I got approximately 10 wins

    but guess what I didn't at least 100 xp

    which sucks

    I am now at level 8 and I need 2k xp to level up (not sure)

    but I have to get like 100 win to get 1k xp

    So I want this to change

    My opinion :

    when you win a game you get like 120 xp

    when you get kill 10 xp

    when you get head 20 xp


    Leave a like if u accept with me
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  2. do quests literally get like 12000 xp for just playing a couple of rounds
  3. They are talking about skywars levels most likely just said Hypixel level instead
  4. oh never knew skywars had levels :confused:
    should play more often
  5. He's referring to Hypixel SW levels.
  6. lol my bad

    I am changing thread's title
  7. Arshy

    Arshy Active Member

    Defeat D
    10 wins in a week.. :rolleyes:
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  8. Lmao no. Its fine how it is. If you wanna level up quickly go play Bedwars.
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  9. dude I don't mean hypixel lvl
  10. Yeah, I know.
  11. how can I get sw xp by playing bw?
  12. Just never mind...
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  13. chqv

    chqv Active Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    100 exp per win is legit like a level every 5 days if im at peak grind, I'd get level 60 by like august lmao
  14. Wow you have years of experiences lol
  15. chqv

    chqv Active Member

    Infamy INFAMY
    50 wins a day will get you safe 1k exp if you're playing solo/teams and thats 10 days for a level then
  16. I think the only issue is that it takes a bit too long to get to the next level so (when you're level 33 like I am) it feels like it's harder to work towards the next achievement. With that being said it really isn't the biggest issue in the world if you ask me. personally I find it alright and I just live with it. You need to be getting more wins if you wanna progress. To get into the scene maybe 10 - 20 wins at least per day. You'll get progressively better at the game as you go along though.
  17. iguessinevermiss

    iguessinevermiss Active Member

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  18. I am playing since 2016 but with an cracked acc :)
  19. Guys tell me what is funny in this thread :(

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