1. Relenter

    Relenter Minigame Developer


    Hi all!

    It’s time for the next lab rotation which brings the return of Lucky Block mode! We also updated Lucky Block mode to include new effects, an optional resource pack, and more! Along with this, we have made some changes to Mega Doubles, added the player stats, and fixed a lot of bugs.

    Continue reading for more information.

    ▶ Lucky Blocks V2

    Lucky Blocks has returned with some new additions and changes! In the future, we will be looking to rotate lab modes every 2-3 weeks so there's less time to wait before seeing your favourite modes.

    I want to thank everybody that suggested their ideas on THIS thread, you all played a big part in this update!
    This update includes:
    • 40+ new effects
    • An optional resource pack
    • Changes to the block opening mechanic
    • Two new achievements
    • Changed/Removed some old effects to make gameplay fairer and help improve client fps
    • Tweaks and re-balancing
    Block Opening
    The Lucky Block opening mechanic has been changed to a more traditional one where you break blocks to open them. This means the effects will now happen instantly so you won't be able to stand far away to avoid any negative effects! This also makes it so only 1 effect happens at a time as opposed to placing down a lot of blocks and having all their effects trigger at the same time, making it hard to tell what just happened.

    Resource Pack
    There is now an optional resource pack which can be toggled using a new item in the pre-game area! We still tried to keep the game looking good for players that do not have the resource pack, the new lucky blocks are shown below with and without the resource pack.


    Developer Note: The resource pack is disabled by default due to some players having trouble with resource packs and we don't want to force players to use it.

    • Playing it Safe - 10
      Win a game of Lucky Block Mode while only opening Insane Lucky Blocks
    • Attention Seeking - 10
      Have a bounty placed on you in Lucky Block Mode

    Removed Effects
    • Lost Property
    • Night and Day cycle
    • Falling sand effect
    • Grid virus
    • Auto bridge
    • Stun charge
    • Vampire blitz
    • Charged creeper

    Other Changes
    • Weapon and guardian blocks are now 50% more common in mid chests
    • No teleportation effects can be found in the first 30 seconds of the game
    • There's now a low chance of finding rush pearls in mid chests
    • Mid chests will now have compasses on the 2nd refill
    • The dice effects have been altered to give more balanced rewards
    • The amount of blocks created from some effects have been reduced to avoid lag
    • The stasis effect no longer affects the player who activated it or their teammate
    • The damage dealt from TNT spawned by the greaser jacket has been reduced by 50%
    • Rage armor now gives a flat 1.5x melee damage modifier rather than giving strength
    ▶ Mega Doubles Changes

    We've made several changes to the Mega Doubles limited time game mode. These changes were discussed with the community last week and your feedback has been taken into account. The following changes have been made:
    • Mega Doubles now contributes towards Mega achievements
    • Mega Doubles is now using Mega kits & perks
    • Mega Kits prices have been reduced to:
      • I from 10k to 5k
      • II from 25k to 10k
      • III from 50k to 25k
      • IV from 100k to 50k
      • V from 250k to 100k
      • Developer Note: Price Reduction on kits allows us to keep supporting tiered kits while allowing us to make it a little more player friendly and encourage long term players
    • Increased quality of island loot
    • Added island refill at 60 seconds
    ▶ Bug Fixes

    We have rolled some bug fixes over the past couple of weeks. Most of them were mentioned in a thread in the SkyWars section, but a few more have been added. The full list is shown below.

    • Fixed the spectator compass revealing nicked player's actual skins (this should also be fixed in any other games that use the spectator compass)
    • Fixed armour that is unequipped from not being dropped on death
    • Fixed players in ranked being sent some messages that weren’t relevant to them
    • Fixed an issue where chests could sometimes be empty
    • Fixed being able to see the regular Minecraft overworld at the end of the game by travelling away from the map with victory dances.
    • Fixed an error that kicked players to the lobby when trying to drop their kit selector in the pre-game
    • Fixed glass bottles not being removed from your inventory if you drink a potion from a stack
    • Fixed the frost perk debuff being able to affect teammates
    • Fixed the robbery perk not triggering
    • * Fixed sometimes being able to keep a random piece of armour after dying
    • Fixed an issue with mystery eggs where the giant wouldn't spawn
    • Fixed another issue with mystery eggs where you could keep clicking on certain blocks to attempt to spawn different mobs, while this didn't actually spawn any mobs it could still be done to earn the achievement for spawning a giant zombie
    • Fixed the fisherman kit in mega from only giving 1 water bucket at higher levels instead of the correct amount
    • Fixed enderchest kit overriding a different chest on the “Villa” map
    • Added a message when trying to repair the jester sword to explain that it can’t be repaired, also fixed levels being removed when trying to repair it
    • Fixed an issue in the lobby where you would get the angel of death message while opening loot chests
    • Fixed an issue for new players where the lobby scoreboard souls counter didn’t update until they obtained over 10 souls
    • * Fixed an issue that sometimes caused you to get sent to limbo during the initial loot chest opening animation
    Lab Modes
    • Fixed an issue in some lab modes where the doom countdown would display a much larger time than intended
    • Fixed the doom event not spawning ender dragons in some lab modes
    • Fixed a typo in the Nuclear launch event in lucky block mode
    • Fixed the random teleport effect being able to teleport you to your teammate in lucky block mode
    • Fixed the mystery meat from being able to give you instant health which made you instantly heal back to full health after taking damage and instant harm which instantly killed you.

    Issues with a (*) next to them I wasn't able to reproduce, but some changes have been made to attempt to fix them. If they continue to happen please report them in the bug reports section here with as much information as possible.
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  2. Espeon

    Espeon Well-Known Member

    Wait, so, you can't just run away from Lucky Blocks anymore? They activate instantly..?

    Oh boy. This sounds fun.
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  3. I might have To goback and play it again!
    (Talking about lucky blocks)
    But I think that this woul be a lot more fun.
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  4. BeatsDJ

    BeatsDJ Well-Known Member

    Xecute X
    Cool Resource Pack
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  5. Tackky

    Tackky Well-Known Member

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  6. Zichy

    Zichy Well-Known Member

    I love the lucky blocks mode!

    Edit: are the lucky rule blocks purple now, because that isint shown in the changes
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  7. Ka3ashka

    Ka3ashka Well-Known Member

    RuGaming RG
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  8. Update classic lobby
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  9. Ambivert

    Ambivert Well-Known Member

    Sweatshop SWS
    Update! HYPE
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  10. damnit u pranked me (updatepit)
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  11. YAAAY
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  12. good stuff, I hope this revives mega.
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  13. Every time you ask it gets delayed another day! Joking but be patience it's in progress by other developers.
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  14. Waitron

    Waitron Well-Known Member

    Guild Master
    Very nice update!
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
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  15. So, how much does the pack change with the opening effect?
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  16. Can we get a sneak peak?
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  17. GuessTheBuild

    GuessTheBuild Well-Known Member

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  18. rip lab wins are difficult to get again

    also can you add an option to let us disable necromancer perk? that perk is more useless-annoying than helpful
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  19. Does this mean that there will be a mega refund for the players that previously bought max kits when they were more expensive?
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  20. Narwhalogy

    Narwhalogy Well-Known Member

    More achievements, yes.
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  21. aPaint

    aPaint Well-Known Member

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