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  1. link223

    link223 Active Member

    Fairy Tail OFFICER
    Map name - Firelink Shrine

    Your In game name - Linkk

    Minigame its for - Solo/Team SkyWars

    Screenshots -
    AcK2nZ2.png IXA0Ndc.png 42pWYFG.png yecIQbP.png 2017-02-26_12.54.30.png GIYei9u.png XcVOobW.png onesfwq.png jNCPMr9.png tnAsRLt.png
    Video -

    About the map - The shrine is an ancient ruins with with a 2 tier middle, along with endless ways to navigate. Everything is symmetrical, except for the 2nd tier middle. All spawn islands have 3 chests, 6 iron ore and 2 diamond ore. Middle has 8 chests, 1 anvil, 1 enchantment table and 6 diamond ore blocks.

    Any other information -
    The map is based of Firelink Shrine from Dark Souls I.

    UPDATE, 2/28/17:
    made middle easier to navigate (removed some holes/cracks in the floor, slightly extended some upper platforms etc).

    removed leaves from the bottom of middle to add more room for PvP:

    added 6 iron ore and 2 diamond ore to spawn islands:
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  2. I like the color/ block variation throughout the map.
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  3. Sosw

    Sosw Active Member

    Divana MEMBER
    Looks great!

    Edit: Congrats!
    Last edited: May 16, 2017
  4. How are you so good at building :eek:
  5. Looks cool! Looks really similar to Aquarius but this one is better IMO.
    your kdr makes me want to toss a brick at the computer screen
  6. Baller_Bob

    Baller_Bob New Member

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  7. Pretty good map, if I were you get someone to take some images with shaders on and a nice texture pack to show it off a bit more. Maybe even get a video aswell. Overall still a nice map :p
  8. link223

    link223 Active Member

    Fairy Tail OFFICER
    Yeah I might make a video to go more in depth.
  9. ANormalPenguin

    ANormalPenguin New Member

    Wheres the map link?
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  10. There is no link (nice pun btw). You are not supposed to be able to download the maps
  11. I like the multilevel mid and the block choice. This map would be fun to play on.
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  12. Nice map. Hope it gets accepted.
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  13. Some criticism from me: I'd suggest making the walls in the spawn island shorter, and make mid more level with it's sub-islands. Overall good map.
  14. It looks really great amazing work!
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  15. WOW.
    This is such a well developed map!
    Firstly how the map is laid out seems great with the pillars you can jump around middle and how the two layers adds depth to the map. The actual build looks very cool and professional. Personally I would love to play on it. Could you perhaps add some screenies of the ores in the middle and the location of all the chests.
    10/10 every day of the week. Well Done
  16. Wow, this is actually a really great looking map! Well done, I would love to play it :D
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  17. I see how you have a gray theme throughout the map but maybe a little more color variation would be nice. Great job though!
  18. Its basically Elven & Aquarius, so yeah, pretty gud.
  19. praise the sun

    jokes aside this map looks pretty cool! :eek:
  20. I like the map a lot, but I think if you added more greenery it would make the map a little better. Also middle seems pretty congested and crowded. From the screenshots you provided and the video you presented, it seemed just a tad cluttered, but it could have easily been the angle or some other factor. Overall, nice map. Also, are there coal, iron, and gold ores for the normal players?

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