1. Hello, All! I hope you enjoy my map!...I haven't seen if we should upload a world save/schematic of our maps, so I will provide a download when/if necessary.


    MAP NAME: Desserted Islands? Sorry not good at names, haha!

    MINIGAME: Skywars

    BUILDER(S): MythicalMaximus

    DESCRIPTION: This map features giant dessert foods as terrain for the Skywars gamemode! In the center is a giant pile of ice cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry) complete with hot fudge and cherry on top. Surrounding the ice cream are 4 giant candy canes. The large center island and the smaller spawn islands are meant to resemble chocolate chunk cookie. and there are 4 small chocolate chip cookies placed between the spawn islands and the center island. Also between the spawn islands and the center island are giant slices of cheese cake, two normal with a strawberry drizzle and two cookies and cream. There are 12 spawn islands. Main building material is stained hardened clay.


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  2. This is actually one of the cleanest and highest quality builds I have seen on the submissions section since I have been on here! Really good job on this, well done :eek:;)
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  3. Thanks so much! :D
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  4. its kinda small for strafing ect.. but great build!
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  5. I was making a dessert themed map but I really don't think I can outdo this build, so I gave up
    Anyways as a Skywars player I'd really like to see this map!

    You should probably call it "Desserted" without the "islands" - it feels best that way.
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  6. Aww, dont give up! I'd really like to see it finished! Thanks for wonderful compliment though!
  7. This map has an amazing theme! I love how you managed to build this map without leaving any part out of the theme. Well done!
  8. Thanks! I love the candy/dessert theme too! Had a lot of fun building it!
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  9. Bumping because I like this map and March 1st is soon
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  10. Very innovative and incredible quality of build, would love to see it added :D
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  11. Thanks! :D
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  12. Legomanmi

    Legomanmi Well-Known Member

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    Creativity = ∞/10
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  13. OMG :eek: I need to be in heaven of map submittions because this is crazy good
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  14. Selva6498

    Selva6498 New Member

    very cool build, make screenshots with shaders and some renderings to make it more cool
  15. There are both screenshots with shaders and renderings....However, a build shouldn't rely on shaders and renderings to make it look good or "cool"
  16. Great Job i like this map :)
    I hope it get accepted
  17. Thanks! I hope it does too ;)
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  18. I love that pun 'deserted' islands
  19. This....is amazing
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  20. xMadKing

    xMadKing Well-Known Member

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    In all honesty, this is one of the best maps I've ever seen. It would make a great SkyWars map.

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