What Hypixel Should do to save Skywars, cuz it's a cool game?

  1. 1. Remove Energix

  2. 2. Nerf speed potions to be drinkable

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  3. 3. Do the same as #2, but in Ranked SW

  4. 4, Do nothing, you don't really care

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  1. MisterLucc

    MisterLucc New Member

    Ok, so I made a list of how Skywars players get over the others, witch before were very good.

    1. The Beggining
    • Notice how, at the beggining of Skywars, when it saved the server from the dark times ; the players were so nice and positive.
    • Then, it became very very popular. The players became more serious. Then it all started....

    2. Ranked Skywars and how it ruined the game

    • Yes, the rewards are cool, I admit. I have the Blood Explosion and Guardians personally. But that's exactly the reason. The players were so thirsty to get these rewards, that they didn't care about anything else and just sweat really hard.


    • Because of the ranked 'sweaties' the players were annoyed and started insulting them.
    • And by the players, I also mean YouTubers. And, if the YTers were toxic, their viewers also 'learned' from them. Then the only good players became toxic, aswell.
    4.How this community ruined the server (almost all Pvp-based games)\
    • Because of this toxic community, players started to leave the game, as in the present. The proof is the player-base in SW (1000-1500) Only sweaty players and new people remained
    • BUT, the players remained toxic and started playing other games, such as BedWars, Blitz & other Pvp Games.
    • They remained the same toxic and started making other communitys (such one presented)
    • And yea, I'll make a petition.

    SAVE BEDWARS (there, tryharders are only 1/10 because you don't really have to be "good" at pvp in there"

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  2. Zaeehh

    Zaeehh Well-Known Member

    Then stop playing ranked and spell
    Edit: Also how does the poll relate to this thread
  3. Ranked is supposed to be sweaty that is the whole point.
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  4. Hmm players being sweaty in a sweaty gamemode isn't bad. What's bad is that people cheat so they can get things they wouldn't be able to legit.

    I myself am happy to lose against someone that is better than me or just sweating really hard but someone who toggles or just blatantly cheats and then act as if they are top sh!t should go and play roblox
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  5. Zaeehh

    Zaeehh Well-Known Member

    If you are happy to lose then can you give me the win when I face you :p
  6. Swag

    Swag Well-Known Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
    Try out mw if you call skywars & bedwars a toxic community :D
  7. Zaeehh

    Zaeehh Well-Known Member

    He probably doesn't know any other game other than skywars or bedwars
  8. Go to school.Minecraft isn't your problem.Your life matters more.You still have a better chance than all of us who gave up our dreams.
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  9. BTW about ur people sweat, rver tried playing mega when ranked was down? Yeah, normakl, its impossible.
  10. there are 6000 players at a time usually
    this is a skywars thread
  11. This pole is extremely biased lmao
    And there is no problem with anything you meantioned.
  12. depends if you are better :p
  13. "Remove energix"
    Are you just mad that a energix user beat you? If you died to a energix user then you need to get your stuff together
    "Nerf speed potions to be drinkable"
    Um speed potions in solo are actually really easy to counter since you get them from your spawn island 90% of times lol
    "Same as #2 but in ranked"
    Eh this is a debatable topic. Some say that it can be really easy to counter but others say that the advantage it gives is too great.
    "Do nothing, if you don't care"
    Ah a actual thing I can vote on
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  14. ye this is kinda biased
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  15. Why do people come looking for these threads...

    Get outta here you’re not helping anyone or contributing in any way.
  16. Skullslice

    Skullslice New Member

    I like this thread and dude clearly has some issues with skywars he should elaborate a bit.
  17. Skullslice

    Skullslice New Member

    Ive always used the speed kit and it seems the most op for strafing if you use it right.
  18. Thread locked for being necro posted.
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