Should this map be added?

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  2. No.

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  3. Yes, but with some changes. Explain below.

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  1. Clearing is a Skywars map I've created over the past 3 weeks. Below are some renders and additional information to the map:



    All the terrain you see has been shaped by hand, brushes were used to add details to it. WorldEdit for block-combination and VoxelSniper for pockets of differently coloured rocks. The map is based around an old logging company, hence the cut down trees and log-piles around the sawmill. The only trees left can be found on the spawn-islands.

    Every spawn features a cave, a hut, and a pine-tree. Just like in every other map there's 3 chests for every player to loot. Moving on we have a ring-shaped island with a log-truck, and some stumps. Going further to the center of the map you'll find an old sawmill you can explore ... but be warned, the blade is sharp :eek: 6 chests await you and your companions.

    Image Gallery
    Render Gallery

    The Map is centered at -0.5, 52, 0.5 (Enchanter) and has a radius of ~60 blocks at the outermost point. There's 12 islands for 12 players. Each island has a crafting table, a furnace, 3 chests, 2 diamond ores, and 2 or 3 iron and coal ore.

    eedback is highly appreciated ;) Happy looting!
    Thanks to TonyGFX for making the renders
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  2. Sommox

    Sommox New Member

    Interesting! Would love to see this map on the server. Good luck!
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  3. Awesome and original map! I hope it will be added :p
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  4. VOUCH!
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  5. sausage191181

    sausage191181 New Member

    This looks awesome! Would really love for it to be added!
  6. Sorrry

    Sorrry Active Member

    This is actually amazing. I like the theme and it was able to fit in real nice. Only thing I can think of is maybe adding some extra leaf textures to the trees. There's a lot of the same texture too, but it's alright. Still very impressive! Hope to see it added GL!
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  7. I love the block pallet! I kind of think that the structures could be worked on, specifically the spawn huts, but overall a fantastic map!
  8. Jo3jo11y

    Jo3jo11y New Member

    I love it and it looks amazing; but center middle is a bit to brown for me. Maybe add some grass blocks here and there?
  9. link223

    link223 Active Member

    Fairy Tail OFFICER
    Nah leave mid, its suppost to be brown, the grass fades in. I like the simplicity, leave it how it is.
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  10. snuskenmaxi

    snuskenmaxi New Member

    Looks amazing! As always! Keep it up! :)
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  11. Thank you ;)! also thanks to everyone else who has commented and voted so far, more feedback is as always appreciated.
  12. Pluzy

    Pluzy Well-Known Member

    Magnetite OFFICER
    You built this in 3 weeks? A little sketchy, but still a good map.
  13. Great map! I hope it will be added!
  14. Androme

    Androme Well-Known Member

    Proob OFFICER
    Legit, this looks so cool!
  15. Thanks. I was in university most of that time, mainly because of exams and learning for them. Most of the building happened last week, I started planning 3 weeks ago ;)
  16. NexoPinger

    NexoPinger Well-Known Member

    IceSquad MEMBER
    You are a MapMaker from Overcast Network...right?? Hohooh awensome to see you here men!!!!
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  17. Sosw

    Sosw Active Member

    Divana MEMBER
    Great map!

    Edit: Congrats!!!!
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  18. rockmine, you are a clever man. Only leaving two options, yes and no. If they vote no they'll stick out like a sore thumb with that one no, but I wish there was a tweaking option. I think there should be a little less brown in your map. I love the style and design but there is a lot of brown for just one map. Nice map overall though! Good luck in the end.
  19. I love the mechanical theme of this, great work man!
  20. Thanks for laying out your concerns. As a few players have guessed already (sometimes even tried to explain themselves) the goal was to create a map with a rather specific industrial muddy/dirty theme from the (mid) 20th century. Players spawn on the logging-company workers' small outposts, these are still green. If you move further to the middle the grass gets less, quite fast. In the middle there's no grass at all, and I think that's your concern. The map is deforested and the place where the companies heart sits.

    The map is intended to be in such a theme, looking at lots of images of old logging companies I found that this map would represent them quite well.

    If you have any ideas how the middle of the map could be changed, without adding a tree or too much grass, I'm open to look into it. Some additional grass may be justifiable due to the nature coming back. Or possible some stones (sticking out) like on the ring-shaped island ;)o_O
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