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    Spring is finally here, and it's as beautiful as ever: flowers are blooming, trees are growing bright, green leaves, and pollen are flying around everywhere while the Easter bunny is secretly hiding eggs. But don't worry: you don't have to go outside to enjoy all of this, because we've just launched SkyWars & Bed Wars Easter Loot Chests! We've also just launched our


    which will run until Sunday, 8th of April, so get the Loot Chests while they are still available and on sale!

    Continue reading to find out more about the new Loot Chests.

    ▶ SkyWars & Bed Wars Easter Loot Chests
    Every player who logins during the seasonal event will also receive a free Easter Loot Chest by visiting the Shop in any Bed Wars Lobby and all Loot Chests received by leveling up in Bed Wars and all Loot Chests received through Quests in SkyWars will be Easter Chests. Easter Chests contain the new seasonal cosmetics as well as the existing normal cosmetics. Easter Loot Chests can only be purchased or unlocked during the seasonal event, and you can buy Easter cosmetics directly using coins (only during the Easter period).


    ▶ SkyWars & Bed Wars Easter Cosmetics
    We've added a bunch of new cosmetics to SkyWars and Bed Wars which you can unlock in Easter Loot Chests. Check the spoiler for a full list of Easter cosmetics. Below is a preview of some of our favorites!
    • The Great Egg Hunt (Rare)
    • Easter Creeper (Rare)
    • Chocolate Feast (Legendary)
    • Easter Eggs (Common)
    • Wrong Eggs (Epic)

    Kill Effects
    • Egg Theft (Rare)
    • Bunny Explosion (Epic)
    • Chicken Tower (Epic)

    Projectile Trail
    • Peep (Legendary)

    Victory Dance
    • Easter Bunnies (Epic)

    Death Cries
    • Squeak (Epic)
    • Sniff (Epic)

    SkyWars Balloons
    • Easter Bunny (Epic)
    • Fat Chicken (Epic)
    • Easter Basket (Rare)

    SkyWars Cage
    • Basket (Legendary)

    Bed Wars Island Toppers
    • Hatching Egg (Legendary)
    • Easter Eggs (Epic)
    • Easter Bunny (Common)
    • Basket (Rare)

    Bed Wars Glyphs
    • Bunny (Common)
    • Quack (Rare)
    • Bloom (Rare)
    • Easter Egg (Epic)
    • Chocolate Bar (Legendary)

    Bed Wars Shopkeeper Skins
    • Quack (Legendary)
    • Egg Delivery (Rare)

    Hatching Egg Island Topper
    This progressive island topper changes every time you play. You can be excited to watch your chicken crack it's shell more and more before it finally hatches every 4th game. How adorable!

    Easter Egg Island Topper
    The easter egg island topper comes with different patterns and randomized colors, so it will be different every game. Can you collect them all?

    Chicken Tower Kill Effect
    What's better than a chicken? Of course: 11 chicken falling from the sky and stacking up to a become a tall tower! Leave a good impression on your killer with this noisy new kill effect.

    Quack Shopkeeper Skin
    This chicken won't shut his beak until you win. If you think about it, he's kind of cheering you on... make him proud!

    ▶ Kill Effect Previews
    Starting today, you can finally preview Kill Effects in the SkyWars & Bed Wars Lobbies. This way you will know what you're buying. Try previewing the new Easter Kill Effects!

    We hope you enjoy the new cosmetics and have a great Easter weekend!
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  2. Tootsie

    Tootsie Well-Known Member

    Iota IOTA
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  3. Awesome!!!! :D
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  4. shahed

    shahed Well-Known Member

    Yay more loot chests bc 133 isn’t quite enough!

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  5. Well there goes my plans this weekend...hypixel it is ;D
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  6. Cool! :D
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  7. Void

    Void Well-Known Member

    oops BIGNUS

    the loot boxes in skywars give coins, not tokens
    fix quickly pls

    EDIT: fixed
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
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  8. Was expecting a crucifix as an island toper lol

    Because... For those who believe in Jesus... And how Easter came to be...
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  9. Hype!!
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  10. youareamazing

    youareamazing Well-Known Member

    omg yay
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  11. HYPE
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  12. Jammerjab

    Jammerjab Well-Known Member

    Cool and good
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  13. Wondering

    Wondering Active Member

    There goes my wallet
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  14. Woohoo!
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  15. Is it too late to join the p2w club?
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
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  16. Eh I mean this is cool but I don’t really like all the attention loot chests have gotten... I know they’re an easy thing to add to and it’s good for the server and all but I’d rather have more gameplay-effecting things... regardless thanks for the update
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  17. egg hunt pls
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  18. Tigian

    Tigian Active Member

    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
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  19. Diagonic

    Diagonic Well-Known Member

    Yayy Easter sale ;oo
    @Cadxn now you can p2w after all the caps lock spam in gc ;33

    Saw Skywars & Bedwars in title and was ready to complain about updating only those games, but hey temporary cosmetics are fine ;p
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
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  20. Yay! First page! :D Wait, where is SkyWars Free Easter Loot Chest?
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2018
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