1. Hello!!!

    As you guys know we have been very busy recently bringing new games to the network. This said, in the background, we have been working on getting a LOT of maps ready to go live for bedwars and skywars FINALLY!

    A few may have noticed the feedback questions given at the end of some games as stated in the Easter Update. This is to aid decisions on what maps are being enjoyed and what maps are not preferred. We are getting over a thousand surveys complete daily!! This is great as the data collected gets put into charts to easily allow us to see clearly the impact of each map.


    The questions answered give us a clearer idea of what aspects of the maps the community wants. All this is aimed at delivering the best rotations possible from upcoming maps. An example of the overall data below.


    The above data shows just a few of the maps in alphabetical order of an overall score. We can also look into different aspects of the map such as distance being too large/small or aesthetic. Using your feedback we will continue to improve each update to ensure quality maps. There will be mostly NEW maps added with some OLD maps thrown in to get additional strong feedback for future reference.

    This new update is aimed at being monthly for both Skywars and Bedwars but may fluctuate with ongoing work on the network. Regardless we will be aiming for consistent updates. From this weekend/next week, we will update Skywars. Bedwars update will happen a few days later. The updates and maps will be using the data that is provided from the graph feedback. This ensures we are taking the maps you do not enjoy out and focusing on the good maps and elements you enjoy.

    Skywars will have new maps added to Ranked and Solo/Doubles. We will also be bringing back 2/3 old maps to get feedback on every time we rotate to make sure we arent keeping ones you enjoy in the dark! Please note that maps removed are just out of rotation and WILL come back in later rotations unless severely disliked by the community. We will release what maps are to go live each month in a forum post on the front page.

    We sincerely hope that this will bring a fresh face to the game modes including better maps in preference to the communities needs.
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  2. I’m really happy that our feedback has been heard! I can’t wait to play the new update :^)
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  3. Looks like a great start!

    Super hyped if we get some older SW maps back
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  4. Hype!
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  5. ItsBryce

    ItsBryce Well-Known Member

    Raid RAID
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  6. Bring back palette and firelink shrine, remove jagged and redfand thats all I need thank you
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  7. finally.

    thanks for taking the time to read the feedback, means a lot to me and the community.
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  8. I really like it but please fix final smash fireworks
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  9. yeee haww
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  10. epic
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  11. yesss ty but we need clearing, palette and overfall back
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  12. Cant wait
  13. And to remove atuin lool
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  14. Gamer win time? I think yes.
  15. Can you make SW lab and BW dream modes rotation consistent? TNT Madness has been live for months now
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  16. Jacux

    Jacux Active Member

    Presto PRESTO
    Very excited! :p
  17. YES!!!! Remove Jagged, Redfang, Toadstool, Canopy, and Mythos for Solo and Teams. Remove Fountain, Magnolite, Boomerang, and Rocky for Ranked. For solo and Teams, readd Temple, Shattered, and Frozen Throne. For Ranked, Readd Humidity, Twisted Grove, and Fungi.
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  18. DqnL

    DqnL New Member

    Man I miss Fungi XD
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  19. For Ranked Skywars I recommend bringing back Twisted Grove, definitely the best map for strategy and ability to outplay cheaters. I'd suggest removing Swamp, as it creates awkward gameplay, due to its shape and design.

    I would also recommend either removing Boomerang, or editing it so that it has 5 diamond ores to mine on its spawn island. Ranked Skywars maps should have 5 diamonds, not 3 or 4. It just makes the game very heavily luck dependent on who gets better mid chest RNG for armor.

    Other small changes like adding a crafting table on Dynasty's spawn island would be nice too.
  20. SoLike

    SoLike Well-Known Member

    Stardew Valley LEGIT
    Thank you! I'm so excited about seeing which maps come back and which maps are added :)
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