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    Good news SkyClash fans - we've rolled out our full 'Quality of Life' update including new Alternative Master Passives, new cards, tons of balancing, new quality of life features and lots of bug fixes.

    This update took place over the past few months, involving the community feedback as much possible to ensure that you will like this update. Huge thanks to the community and everyone who helped us in the SkyClash forums. Continue reading to find out more.

    This update was discussed, implemented and rolled in multiple steps. It was heavily supported by the community and the Player Council. If you're interested, you can check out the roadmap that was used for the process.

    ▶ New Cards
    We are introducing 9 new cards to the game, including 3 challenge cards (each of the challenge cards with a new achievement):

    Lifesteal (Tier 1)
    10 to 18% of your damage is converted into healing.

    Monster Hunter (Tier 1)
    Every mob you kill as a 50-100% chance of increasing the protection level of one of your armor pieces by 1.

    Double Jump (Tier 2)
    You can double jump every 30s to 18s.

    Void Chest (Tier 2)
    When knocking a player into the void, you have a 60% to 100% chance of spawning a chest with their inventory after their death.

    Head Hunter (Tier 2)
    Players drop their heads when you kill them, heads give regeneration II for 5s and speed II for 2s to 10s on right click.

    Bounty Hunter (Tier 3)
    One of the enemy players is always your target, eliminate targets to gain +1 permanent Strength level. (Cap at lvl 1 to 5)

    Half Heart Challenge (Tier 1)
    You only have 5 hearts during the game.

    Ultimate Warrior Challenge (Tier 2)
    You spawn with diamond sword but can’t use armor

    Bomber Challenge (Tier 3)
    If you are out of combat for more than 25s you explode.

    ▶ Alternate Master Passives
    Every class now has an additional master passive. Players can unlock this new alternative master passive to replace the default one. You can choose which one you want to use.


    The Alternate Master passives are available for 250,000 Coins each.

    Archer: Bounty Hunter
    - Gain +1 Max Heart every bow kill (Maximum 3 Hearts)

    Scout: Blood Boil
    - Gain a very quick burst of movement speed when you use a speed potion. +1 speed level for the first 3 seconds of the effect.

    Guardian: Team Spirit
    - Team oriented. If you got a kill or hit the enemy player within 2 seconds of his death, you will give Resistance I to all your allies, including yourself. (The buff lasts for 15 seconds and only applies on teammates within 10 blocks.)

    Swordman: Sharpening
    - Your sword deal 0.3 more damage for every kill you get.

    Cleric: Holy Fire
    - Gain a 15% chance to get a Holy Fire potion from a chest that gives 10 seconds of fire resistance upon use (splash) . This chance is doubled in enderchests. (30%)

    Frost Knight: Snowy Terrain
    - Your snowmen' snowballs turn the ground into snow in a 2 blocks radius around the block the snowballs hits (including beneath it). (The kit shovel also now gets efficiency). You can now spleef enemies!

    Assassin: Ender Fusion
    - You can now ride your Enderpearls.

    Necromancer: Animal Companion
    - Every mob you currently have increase your natural regeneration by 33%.

    Berserker: Invigorate
    - Gains Speed II when under 5 HP (and close to an enemy; 6 blocks)

    Jumpman: Slime Spirit
    - Everytime someone in your team kills an enemy, they will spawn a medium slime. Max amount of slime per team: 8 (Slimes have speed 1.)

    Treasure Hunter: Alchemist
    - 50% of the time, the El Dorado items you find will be 1 Tier stronger. (So helmet diamond, chest iron, pants chainmail, boots iron, sword becomes diamond with sharpness 2 etc.)

    ▶ Balance Changes
    The balancing changes were mostly driven by the feedback from the community and the Player Council. However, we also tracked statistics on popularity and win rates of every kit and card and took those into account. We hope that we could find a good compromise between fair balancing and keeping kits and cards fun to play, check it out.

    Cards Balancing:
    • Alchemy From 20 - 40% to 20 - 32%.
    • Bat Shield Buffed from 30s - 18s to 25s - 13s.
    • Bigger Bangs Will now scale from 60% to 80% chance to trigger the effect.
    • Blast Protection Buffed from 60% - 100% to 80% - 100%.
    • Chicken Bow Overall +1 use.
    • Creeper Will now scale from 11 to 13 damage from 11 to 15.
    • Damage potion Buffed chances from 28% - 40% to 30% - 50%.
    • Double Jump From 30 - 18s to 24 - 16s.
    • Enderman: Buffed damage from 2 - 4 to 3 - 5.
    • Energy Drink Buffed duration from 12s - 20s to 15s - 28s.
    • Elven Archer 4.5 seconds of speed on bow shot, from 5.
    • Explosive Bow Overall +1 use.
    • Flower Power When you use the teleport flower you shouldn’t take the fall damage. From 15 - 23% to 16 - 20%.
    • Fruit Finder Overall -2% chance.
    • Guardian Buffed damage from 3 - 4 to 4 - 6. From 30 - 42HP to 35 - 55HP
    • Hearty Start Overall +5s.
    • Invisibility Buffed duration from 24s - 40s to 26s - 50s.
    • Iron Golem From 40 - 60HP to 50 - 70HP.
    • Lifesteal From 10 - 18% to 12 - 16%.
    • Marksman Triggers at 15 blocks instead of 20. Buffed effect from 15% - 27% to 20% - 32%.
    • Mushroom Aura 4 hp healed per mushroom (from 6 hp). 8s at max rather than 6s.
    • Nuclear Solution -2 radius at every level.
    • Pearl Absorption Overall -1s.
    • Regeneration 12 seconds of regeneration 2 at max level (from 7 seconds).
    • Resistant Overall -5s.
    • Skeleton Jockey Buffed damage from 7 - 11 to 11 - 15.
    • Snow Golem Overall +1HP.
    • Sugar Rush From 8 - 12s to 8 - 10s.
    • Supply Drop Gives a 3rd piece of gear. +1 Golden Apple in every chest.
    • Triple Shot Duration to 24 seconds from 27 seconds.
    • Void Chest Always spawns an Ender Pearl in those chests
    • Void Magnet Nerfed from 30% - 50% to 25% - 45%.
    • Witch Fire rate from 3.2 - 2s to 3.2 - 2.4s.

    Classes Balancing:
    The complete list of all classes changes is on this spreadsheet:
    Link to the Balance Spreadsheet

    ▶ General Improvements
    We added 6 new card slots. It wasn't easy but now you have access to create and edit even more classes.


    In-game Border Shrinking
    The borders start moving 3 minutes before the end of the game and stop moving around the middle island. This makes sure games rarely end up in a draw, but still give players enough room to fight.

    ▶ Bug fixing
    Here is a list of the bugs that were fixed in the update:
    • Players using the No Chest Challenge card can still loot chests by breaking them.
    • Some blocks are giving the Mushroom Aura effect for no reason (even when not active).
    • Some items given by Flower Power are not working properly.
    • Mobs can die from suffocation.
    • Some achievements do not show their updated progress from the achievement tracker.
    • In some places, the nick of players is not respected.
    • Mobs spawned by Raise Dead might die instantly in the void, if the player which died fell into the void.
    • Explosive Bow from chests has wrong durability and is not working. (Now called Blaster Bow)
    • Some mobs don't teleport back up if they fall into the void.
    • Spectators can open Ender Chests.
    • Sometimes the boombox keeps playing after exploding.
    • Sometimes you would get errors from the Mushroom Aura, even when not active.
    • One Punch Bow has enough durability for two shots.
    • Finding duplicate cards sometimes shows wrong messages.
    • Nukes can blow up Ender Pearls from other nukes, so the pearls would drop but be useless.
    • The "failed challenge" messages are not always correct.
    • Some staff permissions are outdated.
    • Some typos.
    • Some menus in the shop have issues being opened.
    • Raise Dead passive doesn't mention the Zombie's resistance.
    • The legacy join papers in the inventory in the lobby are still active and causing issues with Cosmetics.
    • Auto upgrading cards is not working.
    • Cleric has an outdated description.
    • Unlocking a kit shows the same message twice.
    • Cosmetics Menu missing from lobbies.
    • Chat is shown ingame even if you did /togglechat.
    • Wrong perk levels are shown in chat messages when purchased.
    • Nuke now has a falling primed TNT instead of a feather.
    • Scoreboard timer is not consistently ticking down.
    • Scoreboard not appearing for spectating staff members.
    • Boneyard doesn't spawn teams at the right colors.
    • Carpet drops on some maps.
    • Some other map issues.
    • Some passives activate after death.
    Over the next few days we will be monitoring the game to make sure nothing is broken.
    Please report bugs in the bugs section and give us your feedback on this thread or the SkyClash forums.

    Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy the new update.
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  3. I love the new guild update!!
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    Nice to see some other gamemodes getting updated :)
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    Give it up for SkyClash, the best game on Hypixel!
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    I don't play SkyClash that much, but nice to see it getting updated! :) Keep on the good work!
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    I feel like Skyclash died really quick after Techno stopped playing.
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    First page hi

    Jk, nice update!
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  11. Nice Update GJ :D

    f request on hypixel c;?


    Btw Jar we played a uhc together before remember me?
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    Oh, I was about to say.. "ANOTHER UPDATE???"
    but it's the same one from a month ago xd.
    Still a nice job, even though I don't agree with all of the balancing (archer, swordsman and mushroom aura mainly)
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  13. HYPE!

    Wish more players would come play it, because recently it becomes unplayable because the amount of players :c
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  14. Glad you are still paying attention to smaller games.
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  17. So much more development on Hypixel recently. Love it!
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