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  1. There are literally 0 even close to decent arguments in this post, I think it makes a great point so I'm gonna answer the most common responses:

    - It doesn't give an advantage, your minions work offline and it only lasts for 2 days.
    - Yes it does give an advantage, your minions fill up and you can still grind for yourself without minions and also the auction house has a lot less players so it's easier to get cheaper items, this is probably the 2nd stupidest response I've heard.

    - The EULA doesn't say anything about pay to play just pay to win.
    - By letting donors play more you give them stuff that non ranked players can't get in the same amount of time, they get more coins because they paid.

    - They will be able to play again.
    - But they can't right now that's like saying you can grind for the same thing the other person paid for, yeah you can but the other guy is still a p2w.

    - If you play the same amount you get the same reward.
    - But you can't play the same amount it's impossible.

    - Shut up non.
    - I see this too much, just because you haven't "donated" to the server means you can't have an opinion and this situation is literally one that is backed by facts, I'd like to really see if there is another side to this but all I see is people repeating the same things that it doesn't actually give you an advantage when it clearly does. Is it even donating if you get advantages and bonus things on the server, getting to play a game because you donated is not a cosmetic perk it's a whole game.
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  2. Super compactors, and regarding the auction house, it is true that only vips can bid, but it is also true that only vips can sell, so vips have the advantage of buying cheaper items, but other vips lose money because they sold their cheaper items .
  3. given you have a rank i am less likely to assume this as spam and more of an actual post but
  4. Half of the players I see agree'ing with my post are ranked players. Almost every player disliking it is a donator.

    Most of these arguments are even answered in the first post of this thread, using quotes from the EULA. Most players say the same badly-grounded statements which can be easily taken care of. However, sometimes players actually come with slightly better or even good arguments. Those types of players have become more rare throughout the thread though...

    Your opinion, just like the opinion of a donator, does really not matter much. What does matter are the facts you bring with your opinion, that way you can convince people and make them agree with you. You brought facts to back up many of your statements, which is a good thing making what you say more valuable.

    One thing about the first sentence you said though, saying that there are no valuable arguments...

    A statement from the official EULA, signed by Hypixel and any other Minecraft server, is a lawful source to prove that something violates the EULA. For example, if Hypixel gives donators free diamond gear against non-donators which have leather gear, I could use this sentence from the EULA:

    sell cosmetic items, except for “Capes”, IF the item sold does not give a user an unfair gameplay advantage over anyone else on the server - i.e there can be no “pay to win”.

    Do you agree that such kinds of proofs form good arguments?

    What does not matter?
  5. MagmaMustache

    MagmaMustache Well-Known Member

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  6. 1. It is an update, inly temporary.
    2. Just give them 5 bucks, they work hard and deserve it. It's a full time job for them, stop being so entitled.
  7. Completely disagree with everything in this post. If there was an update to skyblock and they let their donators play, it doesn’t violate the EULA of Mojang.

    Mojang clearly states in their EULA that any items or perks cannot be sold for hard currency (real money). A rank in Hypixel is not considered an “unfair advantage.” It is for purely cosmetics and letting their donators play during updates can be considered “BETA Testing” for their new updates.

    Before posting threads like this one, please make sure to read the full EULA. That also should go for commenters aswell.
  8. Very cool.
  9. Firstly, bad attitude. rule 1.4 from
    • Insulting other players in any way
    I'll probably properly respond to you if your arguments are slightly grounded and if you stick to the rules.

    1. Doesn't matter for the EULA if it is temporary or not. The EULA, which is signed by Hypixel and a lawful document, should not be violated.
    2. A vip+ telling me, a mvp+, to spend 5 bucks? ;)

    Is having a shorter queue time a cosmetic advantage?

    You as a first-timer reacting to this thread/topic, me as the thread starter which has over 100 responses on this theme and has gathered many different sources of proof and quotes from the EULA... you are in no position to tell me to re-read it. In fact I have read a good portion of the EULA, especially the part which goes about commericial usage guidelines. All you have to do is read my thread (the starting post) to be up-to-date, and small parts of the EULA if you want to have a bit of an idea of how things are stated. Players have asked for many different kinds of proofs which I have gladly supplied as far as I could.
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  10. There isn't anything against the EULA here anyway, ranked players being able to join in the updating process can be seen as Beta Testers; they experience the bugs so that less people (Mostly f2p'ers) don't get hit by the consequences of for example backpacks suddenly being cleared, or whole islands being reset. People keep discussing about this yet don't realize how much it benefits them. They don't lose their items, they don't lose their progress. Playing when they're making sure the server's stable enough to have so many players online at the same time is the risk we take. By that we can find bugs and report them, so that you don't have to go through said examples. See it like that.
  11. anime12345_xdpvpyt

    anime12345_xdpvpyt Well-Known Member

    make me violate the zsl eula
  12. Viontro

    Viontro Active Member

    ur basically comparing this to 2b2t's queues, about half a day of not being able to play, every time you want to play. yes, people who dont pay have to wait 12 hours, limiting their progress, therefore 'going against the EULA'
  13. PostSorcerer

    PostSorcerer Well-Known Member

    Wow thats messed up
  14. Please completely read the first post of this thread. There were given a few arguments of why Hypixel does violate the EULA.

    I honestly don't know how what to say on this xd. Congratz

    That is indeed in violation with the EULA.
  15. Viontro

    Viontro Active Member

    do you even know about 2b2t, the popularity of the server and how many years it has been running for?
  16. upload_2019-9-19_9-46-12.png

    Around 500 people online normally. It was submitted on in 2013.
  17. That server can't even fit 500 people at once...You might wanna do a bit more research lol.
  18. HKNotch

    HKNotch Member

    Everyone in the past testers were those with ranks so it isn't unfair, like when things got to the ptl the first testers were ranks, so hypixel can actually say that those with ranks are testers
  19. Finally someone who understands.
  20. Magnusmira

    Magnusmira New Member

    Ok so let's clear a few things up. one is Mojang has already said paid ranks for servers are against terms. Second paid ranks are not listed in the above posted allowed. Some people are confusing the cosmetic items but Paid ranks are not covered by this when it comes to servers. All paid ranks are for the Hypixel Network in which you gain Benefits while on servers which are covered in Terms. These benefits are listed for every to review and do not cover first access to Servers as this is against terms. Paid Ranks is supporting to the Devs as well as the company and community, not to the Server/s.
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