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  1. On skybock earlier today, I received the message that the server I was on was going into update maintenance. Is there a new update coming out?
  2. Hope it's finally dungeons
  3. anime12345_xdpvpyt

    anime12345_xdpvpyt Well-Known Member

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  4. hey i lost my maddox batphone and i saw the crafting guilde for it but i cant craft it because it contains item that are'nt have a crafting guilde pls help i dont want to action it!
  5. You can't obtain maddox's Phone number
  6. OK so let me explain usually when i AFK my magma in a pool my wifi stops and i get kicked out thats a big problem well i need to know if i got the green flag for tiny task so tiny task allows you to repeat any action so by automating the recconecting process i could go afk forever essentially and this wouldn't count as a auto clicker so if you know anyone who would know about this or anyone who is a admin or anything related Pls Reply

  7. CapNSlapYoMaaM

    CapNSlapYoMaaM New Member

    I can’t enchant anything with my enchanted bookcases around my enchant table. I was able to do it before with normal bookcases but not anymore. Plz help
  8. Make sure that your books have space imbetween the enchantment table that could be the issue if this presists send me a pic of it
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  9. Was it before the lobby reset? Usually that just means the lobby is updating or a small patch is happening. Do you have a screenshot or know exactly what the message said?

    Can you send a picture of what it looks like?


    For one, that's still considered a macro, and two, I don't think your wifi knows when you're afking in a pool and decides to kick you every time you do it. It's likely hypixel's anti afk system or something.
  10. Bladesofsaint

    Bladesofsaint New Member


    Hey, I just entered my account and found that all my 25 mil coins are gone with all my super compactors. Could someone please explain to me why did that happen...
  11. Meester30104

    Meester30104 New Member

    Hi my friend accidentally used a VPN now he is permantly band why?
  12. Is there any idea to extend island ? or sth. i thinked that skyblock is 160x160 , then i started to build my old castle 150x150. Well like in subject i thinked that skyblock is 160x160 . And bedrock spawn for guests is 0,0 then i have +- 78 block for each site , but unlucky i need to move my whole castle by 2 block forward. But i dont saw Extension option to buy at Hypixel Store. I got vip but dont saw any extension. I really need this 2 blocks to build walls downsite of this diorite. Is there any possiblity to move this castle by vector 2 from East to West , and 2 from South to North ?
  13. How are pets going to work in the future? Are they for attacking mobs, or are they just another neat accessory? Will they be crazy expensive to craft and or buy? Just wanted to know that because I had seen the pets many times in the collections, but couldn't figure out what they'll be doing in the future.
  14. I thought so... I really wanted to build like a floating island with this big tree with 4 of the tree island's portals inside his trunk... guess i'll have to think of something else...:(:(:(
  15. Nobody knows
  16. will there be a way to buy enchanted items from the npcs?
  17. saben como puedo tener ese creteo para poder cretear asi

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  18. Probably Dark Oak or Diamond
  19. How can i remove the water from my island
  20. TTimo79

    TTimo79 Active Member

    It is likely that either one of you got hacked, there was an issue with creating the coop (I think you have to click the potato or something in the bank to get your money when changing from solo to coop. This is probably inaccurate though) or she stole it.
    You will not get your money back no matter what happened though :(
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