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  1. Diora

    Diora New Member

    How about Netherite will it be added? is there any possibility of adding items from newer versions by implementing some scripts to replace those items with some customized items for older clients?
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  2. AFKMillionear

    AFKMillionear New Member

    is there a bug that makes the fairy souls glitched cus at i think 7 fairy souls in te park it says you found the fairy soul already but in my quest book it says i dont have the fairy soul
  3. Gamemile

    Gamemile New Member

    how can you get the bone helmet
    besides the auction house
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  4. Why beacons aren't craftable, i really need those
  5. JayIsAGiraffe

    JayIsAGiraffe New Member

    Who? What? Where? When? Show you're work, explain.
  6. I just bought a tactician. What enchants should i put on it to be maxed?
  7. you better fucking fix this for me rn my bank gliched and i lost 10 mil FIX IT RIGHT NOT
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  8. help ME RN
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  9. oliverkro2

    oliverkro2 New Member

    1 of my friends was scared to transfer some minion items. So i was wondering if it is not allowed?
  10. is using full unstable armor's effect causing a lightning strike allowed to be used to farm the raider axe kills stat?
  11. Bear_Dog

    Bear_Dog New Member

    How karma? (sorry couldn't resist)
  12. Will there be a talisman bag upgrade? I think it would be only fair if u can unlock the same amount of spaces as talisman exists. Well at least we need 5-10 more Spaces, im sick of keeping most of my talisman in my inventory the whole time.
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  13. Why has dungeons not been released 6 months after the announcement?
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  14. Will skyblock be updated to newer versions of minecraft?
  15. Did you add someone to your island's coop? It sounds like you got hacked or scammed.
  16. It's in bone collection 8.
  17. ¿hola alguien sabe como puedo hacer que un amigo se una a mi isla? ¿hello does anyone know how I can make a friend join my island?
  18. /invite [name]
  19. /invite [name] eso no es para que visite mi isla yo quiero que viva en mi isla ? ¿/ invite [name] that's not for me to visit my island I want him to live on my island
  20. WARNING do not use this unless you trust the player you're adding, they will have full access to your island and can take or destroy anything


    /coopadd [player]
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