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  1. also do drags like my guild says
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    Can i put a super compacter into a gravel minon and will it make it into enchanted?
  3. look at this
    Screenshot (1).png
  4. contact a mod or helper. they should help
  5. Does Magic Find work on Rare Sea Creature Drops like Level 6 Enchantment Books or the Shredder?
  6. Will there ever be a option that we can take our money back in a bidding war? like for ex: i bid on a stack of grand xp bottles someone outbids me and i be like "ok you can have it i don't want it anymore" and i need the money back i have to wait for 1 day will they ever add a thing where you can take your money back?
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  7. Just bid on ending soon
  8. How about to make runecrafting f2p but harder to level without vip and the other ranks? I know that is only a visual thing but i don't think that is fair for everyone, also people are getting scammed for that reason "Bring me the rune and the item, i'll apply for you :)" And never to see that item and rune again.
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  9. I think you need the flint shovel and sc3k upgrades to make a gravel minon make enchanted flint. I do not know if flint adds to gravel collection because I've never paid attention to it.
  10. Did I do good? 217 levels to apply to a weapon in the anvil:

  11. How is the level of mob spawns on your private island determined? I'd like lv 10 mobs or higher so my raider axe gets coins, but they're still level 7.
  12. I killed 630 zealots and got no eye, if i change lobby i will loose my extra chance?
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  13. Stupid question: If I talismen spam, use hot potato books and fully enchant my aspect of the end, can I 1 hit zealots? (I have wise dragon armor btw)
  14. Probably no one will see this... It's a problem if i want to build a rather big tree in my island? Can i be banned for this (like lag caused by all the leaves)?
  15. Would be very stupid to be banned for too many leaves, and hypixels servers can handle lag very well.
  16. My maddox batphone was lost. what should i do? qwq
  17. rank i dont know try it and tell me
  18. Will my dad come back?
  19. Can this idea idea become true please ?
    Link :
  20. Alright so I'm in a pretty dumb situation my coop mate 'accidentally activated his autoclicker' while trying to get into the dark auction and got banned, now I don't know what to do because he has nearly 6 mill on him. So we can't kick him. Is there anything the rest of the coop can do?
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