1. Hello,

    SkyBlock is a pretty deep game so I'm sure you all have questions, I'll try to answer everything. :)
    How to play the game, design decisions, coming soon features, ask anything!

    EDIT: Have not had much time to answer questions lately, but there are many kind players answering questions on the thread so I'll keep it open. Thanks to everyone answering questions, this is a pretty wholesome thing to do!
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  2. Who created the idea of the game-mode?
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  3. You can 1v1 players in the Colloseum, but we turned down pvp for now other than there. We do have plans to bring it back but want to make it right, and make sure items are somewhat balanced before that.
    (reposting it here)
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  4. Will the number of skills stay the same or expand?
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  5. Hello,

    Are you going to implement a leaderboard ? If yes, what will it base ?
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  6. If you mean SkyBlock itself, the original mode was created around 7 years ago, I'm not entirely sure why had the idea.
    Hypixel SkyBlock was a group effort, many admins worked on it since beginning of the project.
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  7. We are not sure yet, but we might add more skills yes.

    We want to add many types of leaderboards.
    Total exp per skills; total items per collections; coins in bank etc.
    We are not sure which ones we will try first but all the data will be there.
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  8. Caleb

    Caleb Well-Known Member

    TheFroglets FROG
    I don't really have questions, but I will come back if I ever do!

    I just wanted to say a big thanks to @Jayavarmen, most Admins are barely involved with the community and Jaya is definitely not one of those admins! I have a huge respect for you Jaya and again, thank you so much for all you do! :)

    Edit: Wow I'm still getting ratings from this post
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  9. Considering SkyBlock is a pretty large game, how many hours in theory would it take me to ‘complete’ the game to the point where their isn’t much left to do at all(if you can technically complete it at all), and what are you planning to do to keep fresh content for players to work for?
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  10. How will the staff team deal with the 300+ Skyblock dupes that have been created, I want to help with this problem so it doesn’t become another pit. Jay, add me on discord at Omgitswarp123#5194, I used to be part of the duping community, I would like to help so this game isn’t ruined by dupes, and I believe I can help with my extensive knowledge on the subject.
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  11. Ok Nice ty for answers

    I’m so hype for that cause it’s so différents compared to the basic skyblock with levels.
    Other question : Will you create a relation between guild and skyblock ?
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  12. Since it's in ptl, is it gonna reset ever?
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  13. SmokeMeh

    SmokeMeh Active Member

    Can we get a hint at the timeframe for stuff like guild islands to come out?
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  14. They said in their message they will try not to reset even if exploits are found, that’s why I would like to help the team stop dupes before they are created.
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  15. 666


    666 Well-Known Member

    Will hypixel move it out of ptl and make it a full blown gamemode if the community feedback seems positive(as of now I've seen great reactions) or will it stay in ptl for as long as possible much like the pit
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  16. Will islands be reset when Skyblock comes out of ptl?
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  17. What will the guild portal south of spawn be for? and how will guild islands work, will they just be an additional island that appears in your profile?
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  18. They said in their message they will try not to reset even if exploits are found, that’s why I would like to help the team stop dupes before they are created.
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  19. Probably, but for solo Co-op and guild, there will probably be separate leaderboard for the different stats they set leaderboards for.
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  20. Billis

    Billis Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to find the NPCs which I need to talk to in order to complete the "Explore the Hub" Mission? I'm currently lost and cant find the 3 NPCs left. D:
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