1. wait, what?
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    I really want a snow collection now mhmm ;)
  3. They should totally make it to where people with poor armor/weapons get a separate area on the end island so that they can get to kill zealots, but the chance is a wee bit lower and there are no dragons. so one area for poor people (no dragons, little bit lower chance of getting eyes), and one area for rich people with good weapons (dragons and higher chance of getting eyes. that way everyone can kill zealots and no stealers. and yes, i know, people don't care about this, they'll just say "Well, they shouldn't BE here if they can't 1-2 shot zealots!" Well, you were at that point too. just saying.
  4. You know, when I was at that level, I wasn't there when I was unable to 1 shot zealots. I was working on getting talismans instead.
  5. Skyblock!? What did i miss?
  6. Flower collection would also be nice.

    But people who were at that point also weren’t there trying to farm eyes. If poorer people can’t kill stuff before other people, then they need to work on getting better gear. It’s definitely possible to get gear that can one shot zealots before having to go down to grind eyes for dragons. Ender armor, pigman sword, Midas, I think explosive bow now, buying from ah.
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    What are rewards from colecting all gifts?
  8. I just grinded talismans and whatnot until I was able to 2 shot zealots.
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  9. _gamingytelixir_

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    So how many eyes
    So how many eyes do we have to place for Max chance of getting AOTD?
  10. Can we hurry up and get the full Dungeons update? I've been waiting for 2 months. and what about the wizard? he says give him 3-5 business days to get his portal fixed but in realty, I've waited 3 months. Why work on events now when there are so many other things to add? like the pet eggs. When are those coming? I'm just saying that events that people will only get to use like 2 times a month because of time zones isn't the first thing to be working on. If I were a staff, I would get to business and finish the skyblock world. And just to point one thing out, all you need to do is design the island and add the spawn rates and item rarities, the rest can be done by copy and pasting the code from one island to the next but changing a few variables. :\ And can we get a way to convert arcade coins into skyblock coins?
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    Good update!;)
  12. I have a suggestion of an item to add. It would be a rare talisman called the effect preservation talisman or something like that. The talisman ability would be to keep your potion effects upon dying and could be a drop from a mob or could be in like nether wart collection or some other collection Or maybe a new npc could make you do different quests like Romero and Juliet to upgrade it . The ability could be like 25% chance or 50% but maybe it could also be upgradeable. Maybe they could make a 25z chance talisman called the effect preservation talisman , a 50% chance called the effect preservation ring, and a 100% or 75z called the effect preservation artifact. This would be a nice addition and could be helpful in many cases.
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  13. Well, the wizard is currently not working. It's 3-5 BUSINESS days, and he's not in business yet.
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  14. requires more jerry
  15. Let us play skyblock Stupid admins are u slave of money stupid admins I will not stop posting this until u open to all
  16. I would like to ask, when can I use Simplified Chinese?
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