1. Lmao how is it even possible to spend 8 hours grinding for something so cheap
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  2. Epic
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  3. ToxicSweat

    ToxicSweat Member

    Wow fantastic!! But did you know that you have other games on your server? With a dedicated fan base on each one? Did you also know that they are filled with bugs and glitches that should have been fixed months ago? And did you know that we haven't seen any updates to any of them for months? How about you put a smidgen of effort into those games?
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  4. And its because i say: "Dont play in maintaince, you will be bad"
  5. Skyblock usually gets 4-5x the amount of players on bedwars at peak hours. They need to put a ton of focus on Skyblock and their team has so few people and cant keep up with the demand for updates across the entire network. If you dont like it then you can go.
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  6. Honestly, the fact they leave it open while doing maintenance is such a poor decision it amazes me. The whole thing should be shut down for any update
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  7. this was an awesome update, but the materials needed later on for the romeo and juliet quest are really absurd and out-of-reach, and please make it so you dont have to wait for another person to finish playing the harp to play it.
  8. i hate the jerry change :(
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  9. dream

    dream Well-Known Member

    ok but if they've got a few people working on skyblock the what are the other devs doing? They could spend time updating games that actually need updating mate
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  10. ...
  12. It prob will be open tomorrow, dont worry, you wont have to buy a rank.
  13. Would you rather they address the massive Skyblock community or work on games like Capture The Wool which im sure has tons of bugs but no one plays it
  14. hype!!
  15. cool! I'm really lookin forward to grinding more time into this lmao. I did have a little question about the Dungeons thing, what's it going to be like? If you can say ofc, would it be like an rpg kind of thing where you progress as long as you can or something different?
  16. I really like this update but imo I don’t think the reaper scythe should be nerfed or at least nerfed that hard for how rare and hard to get
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  17. dream

    dream Well-Known Member

    Did I say capture the wool? Lmao. There are games with bugs but they won't fix them. And a few games that need updates.
  18. yeah i have 900ms so it go so quick impossible to click
  19. Not a bad update but where's runaan's bow fix? Or at least make it so all other bows have to be fully charged to crit and not just runaan's.
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