1. Firefighter500

    Firefighter500 Active Member

    So Bat Personal Armor will only be available a limit time until the whole Spooky Event is over?
  2. Okay, this is epic. I'm so glad the Hypixel team is putting this much work into skyblock, it really feels like a full game. I love it!
  3. Should've added Megalovania
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  4. bobbleblock2

    bobbleblock2 New Member

    Im not sure but hopefully
  5. It seems as though the runnan's bow is doing less damage than the hurricane even though it has higher stats? Is that intended? that seems to be a little broken.
  6. This new update is terrible everything about the zealot changes is absolutely trash, So basically you get a better chance at getting eyes if you have less items? so people that have put less effort into the game get rewarded??? what a joke
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  7. I happen to be confused as to why this update seeks to rewards players that have put it less time and as such have less "op" items than the players that have put in more of their time into the game.

    Went from an eye or two a night to 10,000 zealots (counted based on xp gained) and 0 eyes. All because i can one tap. Great fix!

    All this update does is keep the super rich, super rich , the middle "class" still middle class while giving the poor a semblance of being richer when in reality, they can't advance any further because everything they'll be acquiring including eyes and dragon armor will be worth nothing soon enough.
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  8. hisuie08

    hisuie08 New Member

    oh good
  9. Nice update :D
  10. So would I still get the cake even if I'm offline
  11. Doc112

    Doc112 New Member

  12. Doc112

    Doc112 New Member

    Stealing portal frame zealots will still be a thing, and I dont one tap zealots. So I'm not a huge fan of the zealot update...
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  13. Sorry but When will u plan to fix Scorpion Foil?
    it should be the best weapon for spider slayer but its bugged i think u know it.
  14. My suggestion is adding the trades like as if you were buying stuff so instead of clicking it just to get one item from it, you can modify it so you can get a stack from a click like the concept when you are buying stuff at the markets.
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  15. I love the portal frame feature. I never got a summoning eye this will be so much easier. Like when the end update came out.
  16. Finally, nice!
  17. Reeeee what do I do now? I oneshot zealots with my hand. Lucky you lapis ledge campers ;O
  18. We did it boys! Kill stealing is no more (welp there is still but who cares if its just a normal zealot?)
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