1. Thanks so much for updating skyblock. We love you hypixel staff for making this wonderful server.
  2. +10% to summoning eyes if not one tapped bruh thats an average of 20 hits for a summoning eye, 160 hits for a solo dragon. thats op dragons stuff will skyrocket down on the ah.
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  3. The next update (0.7.4) is coming out in a few weeks, I don't recall reading anything about the profile management screen but I remember someone said something about it in the comments. Dunno why you're asking me though o-o
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  4. Henle

    Henle Well-Known Member

    Quacking TREES
  5. I like the changes to Zealots. Very helpful to those without one-hit weapons yet. Thanks for that...
  6. yes finally some zealot changes
  7. My weapon is no where near 1 hit yet so yeah xD
  8. Of course I do, your music is music I listen to not even only on skyblock
  9. Ripraptor

    Ripraptor New Member

    I absolutely love Sky Of Trees, and the ambiance it has. Hallow Hallow and Abstract Ringing are also really nice. All else I can really say is keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to your future tracks.
  10. Still confused on the zealot changes. So if you kill a zealot it no longer drops a summoning eye, but sometimes spawns another zealot with less health that you can kill with a 100% chance of dropping an eye.
  11. Why is a grindy update being dropped right before the cvc tournament, its literally gonna kill the playerbase for it
  12. Spooky skyblock update! :eek:
  13. Thanks for the update;), but:

    • Enchanted item no longer craft vanilla recipe
    Is this stated that you can't craft beacon anymore?:eek:

    • Inmidation talisman now work against spider and blaze
    So, annoying ghast isn't included huh?:(
  14. Hype train toot toot
  15. When can non vip players play skyblock again
  16. Very spooky
  17. "The Brewing stand UI now allows shift-clicking potions!"

    YESSSSSSS Brewing will be more enjoyable now!
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  19. Xxmasterxx111

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