1. General Changes
    • Enchanted items can no longer be used to craft vanilla recipes

    huge lie, this is still a problem.
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  2. BaReL_

    BaReL_ New Member

    There is a bug in the end that when you kill ender man it writes you that you found a special zealot but it’s actually a bug and you don’t find anything(happens to me and I lost a summoning eye because of that)
  3. L
  4. Drzymek

    Drzymek Member

    They should buff obsidian minion i think. Or make afk-ing not to kick, cuz it still kicks me while I afk in my afk-pool
  5. i love the zealot changes really help me grind eyes as a mid-game player
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  6. yay thats good
  7. @Jayavarmen or anyone else, could you please rephrase that i dont quite understand, does that mean you have to be close to zelots to spawn for do you just randomly or you kill zelots and they spawn near you
  8. Drzymek

    Drzymek Member

    If u met a runic portal frame zealot lol( i didnt)
  9. Hxrt

    Hxrt Active Member

    I've been grinding for hours, in The End, killing zealots I've yet to get a single Summoning Eye. I'm spending my weekend on this but not getting any...
  10. One more day until it's 2 weeks since this update came out, hope the patch is out soon
  11. Qirit

    Qirit New Member

    I think that there should be a daily Event where every player is invited to the Arena to play in free for all PVP. This would make it easier for players who want more PVP to do so.
  12. Make it so there are a few PvP tournaments with fair armor and the winner can get some rare items or some money. That'd be fun to do!
  13. MelloBoiyoiy

    MelloBoiyoiy New Member

    This is starting to get a little ridiculous, when the zealot change first came around, I got 6-12 eyes a day, now I'm getting almost none! Either the zealot's are bugged, or my luck is just bad and it's not just me, all of my friends have been getting almost no eyes a day at the time of typing this. (11/9/19) By the way, 10% increase for people who 2 shot I think is too much, people who one shot should be the ones with priority giving people who 2 shot priority gives them no purpose to keep getting more damage when they can just as easily make money by selling summoning eyes.
  14. Where's our update it's been 2 weeks
  15. Qirit

    Qirit New Member

    The point of PVP in Skyblock is so that you can test out your gear against real people. If you want fair fights, go play Duels.
  16. El_Porte

    El_Porte New Member

    I think it is time for them to raise the level of perfect armor even more or to give it some complete set ability. I am unbalanced compared to the dragon set
  17. Dude if people used their own armor youtubers can literally abuse their crap to get more free stuff. I'm talking about an actual tourney competition that gives people another chance to win stuff based on other skills.

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