1. Yeah banning needs to be fixed on islands
  2. Why the Revenant Horror look like a FNAF 4 nightmare character
  3. 3wr


    3wr New Member

    Would be nice if we could actually play the game. 8 hours and counting
  4. MarioG204

    MarioG204 Well-Known Member

    Fezzy POG
    very good update but time to set 16 gold minions down
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  5. This is the worst designed content in the world.

    The mobs run incredibly fast and have glitchy, idiotic AI. This causes them to fling off the map, fall down cliffs, or combo you off whatever you were standing on. All of these situations actively hinder your experience trying to enjoy the content. It's like these slayer bosses were designed to be unfun.

    They instantly heal to full midway through the fight for next to no reason. Even facetanking some of the bosses they will still fully heal for no god damn reason. Not all of us have giga god swords, I understand the designers are angry at 50 mil midas tryhards but wow these bosses are aggressively anti-fun. How do you expect the average player to do 1.5m dmg in 2 minutes without the boss fully healing during all of that? At one point my boss aggro'd somebody who decided the best course of action was to run away, causing my boss that I spent 10k coins on to attempt to pathfind to him and fully heal for a minute straight. This is stupid. I hate this. I actually truly hate this.

    Literally no previous armour is good enough to complete the bosses. I have been grinding perfect X armour for nearly 2 months now and have perfect X pants/ perfect x boots (10 hpb). I also wear skelly helmet and obsidian chestplate, resulting in me having 1100 defence and 900 hp. Somehow even with these olympian tank stats these new slayer bosses instantly delete me without any care in the world. I'm trying to obtain perfect armour because the lead designer himself said "I want it to be the 2nd best armour in the game." Pfft, funny joke. We're literally going to have to grind out content specific armour every patch. There's 0 reason to ever invest the months time, millions in coins, and thousands of hours into obtaining any armour besides whatever fine tuned, designed for X content armour set is the new hot thing. This is horrid and even worse than power creep. At least with power creep you can have a one size fits all armour set. I'm seeing babies in dragon armour dropping like flies even. Why is this content so disgustingly broken?

    Their abilities are the worst. The zombie reduces your defense and the wolf does *true dmg*, this is a huge insult to perfect armour users or anyone in an endgame armour set. Are we supposed to swap out to that mastiff armour any time we even want to engage with this content? What about the millions of coins and literal months in my case invested in our armour? What about content outside of these slayer quests? Are the slayer armours going to be useless outside of these single encounters? It just makes no sense and is incredibly frustrating.

    All of these slayer quests feel like they were designed for a different game entirely. It's not fun in the least and I hate that it's in the game because I need to do it to stay competitive. I am extremely upset over spending my time and coins attempting the wolf boss III only to have it fully heal halfway through the fight and then call me a noob when I don't kill it. It's like the devs actually hate us. It's not fun playing a buggy game that ridicules you for not exploiting it to stay on top. If dungeons is going to be more of this kind of content then honestly don't release it.
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  6. 1BlackDay_

    1BlackDay_ New Member

    When is available Play for all
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  7. FlexNiko

    FlexNiko New Member

    oh wow.. the bank interest rate wasnt explained very well.. i thought you mean if you have 10-20 mil coins then you only get the 1% interest, which would be very weird since then you get less money if you have 11 mil than having 9 mil...
    but actually its all the interest rates added together.. so if you have 13 mil its:
    10 mil * 2%
    3 mil * 1 %
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  9. from what i know this slayer bosses are meant to be insanely hard to keep people busy until updates plus you don't have to fight tier 4 bosses i mean you can still fight tier 3 bosses plus slayer quest are very late game and you are meant to get potions op armour and the best swords in the game for these bosses.
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  10. ALAND

    ALAND Active Member

    Fortitude MIND
    Really great update!
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  11. Is the server back up for nons or not
  12. dpend

    dpend New Member

    Yeah, I didn't realize that's what they meant either until I read the explanation at the banker.
  13. Yay :D
  14. dpend

    dpend New Member

    Wow man, RIP perfect armor. Here I am grinding for days to get my first tier 1 piece... and you're saying tier TEN is not even strong enough? What the actual...... there are so many bugs with this update it seems like they were just desperate to get any content out, no matter how broken it is.
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  15. C4PS

    C4PS Active Member

    Raid RAID
    You guys should update Skyclash. It feels like it has been a while since the last update.
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  16. SO glad you've added SkyBlock API!
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  17. SythL

    SythL New Member

    (Slimes and Magma Cubes stop growing and instead, spawn at random sizes)
    is the magma cube farm still worth it tho?
  18. BPachka

    BPachka New Member

    Access to skyblock forever with VIP?
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  19. For the record the people begging for fase 2, Codename didnt work on this lol.

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