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    After the last update, we decided to focus on much-needed backend projects, such as;
    • Performances improvements, which allowed us to reach a record player count of 43,192 players in SkyBlock, and reach 90,600 on the entire network!
    • Moderation tools (coming soon)
    • A full rewrite of our Profile system, which will fix a lot of profile problems and allow players to kick co-op members. If you missed it, you can read all the profile changes >here<.
    • Bug Fixing
    This thread will include:
    • Tons of bug fixing
    • General Changes

    Bug Fixing
    If you missed our previous patch notes, here is a full list of the changes:
    • Increase true damage dealt by some dragon abilities
    • Reduced frost walker sell price
    • Added new QoL recipe: 6 stacks of strings = 2 enchanted string
    • Added new QoL recipe: 160 glowstone blocks = 4 enchanted glowstone dust
    • Add a drop message when you get a drop that has a 1% or lower chance of dropping
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix end crystals not exploding and not being removed when being hit by snowballs/eggs
    • Fix recipe of enchanted spider eyes
    • Fix thorns
    • Make compactor convert ice into packed ice
    • Make super compactor work with ender pearls, clay balls, ice, end stone, and feathers
    • Allow armor displays to show off any item with the helmet category
    • Make flint count towards gravel collection
    • Fix crafting objectives not working
    • Fix the squid boots effect not applying when switching between instances
    • Fix witches haunting you after they died
    • Fix spider minion sometimes spawning a layer below where the minion is
    • Fix the time remaining on the fuel lore showing an inaccurate time when the time remaining is very large
    • Fix looting not having any effect on drops with low chances due to rounding
    • Fix hurricane bow displaying the incorrect amount of arrows whenever it gets upgraded
    • Fix minion chests getting destroyed/turning into normal chests when blown up
    • Fix magic water bucket replacing other blocks
    • Fix unintended mobs spawning in the deep caverns
    • Add a description to blindness potions
    • Fix the combat skill rewards showing end island being unlocked at level 13 when it should be 12
    • Fix Jerry's menu opening whenever you shoot it with a projectile
    • Fix being able to pick up crystals when your inventory is full
    • Fix some typos/grammar issues
    • Fix a bug where players could use Enchanted Redstone Lamps to extend/enhance potions even after they had previously been extended/enhanced.
    • Fix an issue with brewing damage/slowness/etc potions where inputting Healing II+ potion bases would always result in a potion with level 1.
    • Carryover the extended and enhanced flags to the result potion.
    • Fix magma bosses not dropping some items

    Here is a list of bugs fixed since the last patch:
    • Fixed being able to throw Enchanted Eggs
    • Fixed Haste Talisman taking priority over Haste potions
    • Fixed Craft a Wheat Minion objective not registering
    • Fixed Magma Armor bonus counting too many kills from the Hurricane Bow
    • Fixed minions not giving coins from a budget hopper when picked up
    • Fixed the rare drop chat message not working if it was gotten with Telekinesis
    • Fixed Aspect of the Dragon ability not working all the time
    • Fixed crafting dyes not giving Carpentry experience
    • Fixed being able to place the SkyBlock Menu in item frames
    • Fixed being able to generate cobblestone with water and lava outside world limit
    • Fixed Chicken Head ability still working as a guest
    • Fixed an issue with the cooldown message for Aspect of the Dragons
    • Fixed being able to place Enchanted End Stone
    • Fixed a typo in the lore of the Music Rune
    • Fixed a typo in the lore of the Hurricane Bow
    • Fixed Beach Balls dropping skulls when broken by water
    • Fixed crafting Dark Bait not giving Carpentry experience
    • Fixed an exploit with the End Bow and the Colosseum barriers
    • Fixed PvP being disabled in a small area of the Colosseum
    • Fixed some quests to obtain items not working with Telekinesis
    • Fixed abilities being triggered when right-clicking to open hoppers
    • Fixed Lapis Helmet not being recognized as a helmet in Armor Stands
    • Fixed Telekinesis not working on custom blocks like Hardened Glass
    • Fixed the Blazing Fortress portal being in the wrong crafting category
    • Fixed the Magical Water Bucket deleting blocks in certain circumstances
    • Fixed an impossible to reach Fairy Soul
    • Fixed Storage Chests dropping normal chests if blown up by a creeper
    • Fixed placing Magical Water Buckets in cauldrons turning into normal buckets
    • Fixed crafting Enchanted Lapis Blocks not giving Carpentry experience
    • Fixed Telekinesis not working on droppers, furnaces, and hoppers
    • Fixed Enchanted Lava Buckets losing enchantment when placed in a furnace
    • Fixed minions acting weird when placed at y=0
    • Fixed Magma Armor not counting kills with thorns
    • Fixed the “Time to go on Vacation” achievement unlocking for island guests
    • Fixed crafting Enchanted Cactus Green not giving Carpentry experience
    • Fixed being unable to break Minion Chairs if there’s a minion in the seat
    • Fixed a typo in the Runecrafting description
    • Fixed Pat being in a purple predicament
    • Fixed showing “+0 Coins” when killing animals with Telekinesis
    • Fixed Enchanted Potatoes being listed under blocks in the Auction House
    • Fixed a typo in the coming soon End Island name
    • Fixed sometimes being unable to move or break Armor Stands
    • Fixed an issue with fuel sometimes displaying “VERY SOON” durations
    • Fixed breaking crops with water results in the items not having rarity tags
    • Fixed an issue preventing Power from working on bows
    • Fixed leveling skills from 23 to 24 showing you need 599,998 EXP
    • Fixed Hurricane Bow level up message showing the wrong number
    • Fixed being able to place down skull items in some circumstances
    • Fixed Pigmen not targeting players correctly
    • Fixed guests being able to break minecarts
    • Fixed a typo in the Spider Den’s introduction message
    • Fixed the “Night Eyes” achievement being incorrectly awarded
    • Fixed being able to use /visit when in combat
    • Fixed guests sometimes being able to break item frames
    • Fixed Cleaver’s AOE damage not working on slimes and magma cubes
    • Fixed a typo the Thunderlord enchantment’s lore
    • Fixed the “Accessories Galore” achievement being incorrectly awarded
    • Fixed some issues with double tap to drop
    • Fixed Telekinesis sometimes not stacking items in your inventory
    • Fixed Magma Bow consuming Enchanted Magma Cream over normal magma cream
    • Fixed the Spider Minion sometimes spawning spiders below it
    • Fixed a typo in the Talisman and Potion bags
    • Fixed Grappling Hooks not being affected by double tag to drop
    • Fixed Slime Blocks from minions not giving Combat experience
    • Fixed a typo in the Diver’s Armor
    • Fixed the Squid Boots particles not working after swapping instances
    • Fixed Golem Armor not always giving the absorption hearts
    • Fixed being able to put stacks of items into the Reforge Menu
    • Fixed Savanna Woodland having some minable oak logs
    • Fixed being able to smelt enchanted items
    • Fixed shift-clicking on a Storage Chest opening it
    • Fixed Prismarine Bow using Prismarine Blade as ammo
    • Fixed “Worth It” achievement not working for items that aren’t normally weapons
    • Fixed Golem Sword ability getting blocks stuck in cobwebs
    • Fixed /sbmenu working when in combat
    • Fixed Emerald Armor being in the wrong recipe category
    • Fixed Aspect of the End speed not expiring in certain situations on private worlds
    • Fixed hitting players with Speedster Rod awarding speed
    • Fixed Salmon Hat recipe being available when not unlocked
    • Fixed fermented spider eye turning Speed 2+ potions into Slowness 1
    • Fixed an unbreakable flower in the Floating Islands
    • Fixed being unable to fly with Magical Mushroom Soup when wearing Spider Boots
    • Fixed Bone Helmet and Guardian Chestplate abilities overlapping
    • Fixed Aiming enchantment targeting bones from the Bone Helmet
    • Fixed Clay Minion recipe listed under the wrong recipe category
    • Fixed iron and gold sometimes spawning in the Lapis Mines
    • Fixed Farm Suit and Talisman abilities not working
    • Fixed Cow Head ability not working with Spider poison
    • Fixed the cooldown on the Weather Stick starting wrong
    • Fixed some lapis spawning in the Pigmen’s Den
    • Fixed the Golem Sword ability working on villagers (how could you!?)
    • Fixed the lever in the Blazing Fortress not working
    • Fixed potions not listed as consumables in the Auction House
    • Fixed Blazing Fortress quest not working
    • Fixed breaking wheat on your island not giving Farming experience
    • Fixed mining obsidian generated by the Ember Suit leaving an unbreakable stone
    • Fixed being able to make a bow do sword damage by swapping before arrow hits
    • Fixed being able to put more than 1 book in an enchantment table
    • Fixed non-oak leaves sometimes dropping oak saplings
    • Fixed ice not always counting towards collections
    • Fixed Zealots not sending the rare drop message
    • Made some changes to Dark Auction starting which should prevent a bug where auctions would fail to start sometimes (please make a bug report if this issue still occurs)
    • Make Sharpness and Snipe's enchant effects additive instead of multiplicative like all other damage enchants
    • Fixed Quiver not allowing Prismarine Shards
    • Fixed Quiver allowing enchanted magma cream, slimeballs, etc. to be placed in it
    • Changed the recipe of Enchanted Spider Eye, fixing the recipe at the same time
    • Fixed Jungle Axe sometimes having a cooldown for no reason
    • Fixed Carpentry exp not getting the rank bonuses
    • Fixed Ink Wand being able to damage players out of PvP areas
    • Fixed Superior Dragon Set also increasing the total damage by 5%
    • Fixed many issues with enchanted items not giving exp from minions
    • Fixed being able to stack armor effects
    • Fixed purse coins not being rounded enough in the profile menu
    • Fixed Colosseum PvP area not being symmetrical
    • Fixed guests being able to break paintings
    • Fixed the Stonk lore, now displaying all its perks.

    New content and general Changes

    Sculptor's Axe
    Unlocked in the Birch Collection 4
    This axe allows you to turn any wood log into a 6 sided log, perfect for the builders out there!
    Just right-click a log with this axe in your hand.
    Credits to @LY_TEAR from the round 1 suggestion thread.

    Giant Talisman Bag Upgrade
    Unlocked in Redstone Collection 11
    6 more slots!

    Greater Backpack
    Unlocked in Leather Collection 10
    9 more slots!

    Colored Backpacks
    You can now place any backpack in a crafting table and surround it with any dye and color your backpacks!
    All you have to do is place any default backpack in the center of a crafting table and surround it with the dye of the color you want. But it has to be a default backpack! That action is permanent.
    Those crafts are all unlocked by default.

    And here are all the available colors, on top of the default backpack color:
    All backpacks now have a new art!

    Few more QoL recipes
    -Added back the recipe for Blocks of Quartz into Enchanted Quartz.
    -Added same recipe, but for Clay Block into Enchanted Clay.
    -Enchanted Charcoal can now be crafted using all 6 wood types.
    -Enchanted Charcoal recipe has an alternate recipe:
    -Enchanted Eye of Ender has a new alternate recipe:
    -Removed the possibility to craft 1 Enchanted Paper with 3 stacks of Sugar Canes in the first row, but added the possibility to craft 2 Enchanted Paper with 6 stacks of Sugar Canes in the first 2 rows.

    We added new Minion voice lines.
    Some takes from community suggestions, thanks!
    Cactus minions now work better with storage chests.

    Changes to Talismans
    The Talisman bag is now called Accessory Bag.
    Having multiple of the same accessories in your inventory won’t count the extra reforge stats.
    Items that can be reforged now have a text at the bottom, to make it more clear, this text goes away if there are too many lines.

    Couple changes to Dragon Fights.
    Dragons are now approximately 20% more tanky.
    Servers will now delay shutdown until a dragon fight is over

    Item Tags
    All items in SkyBlock are now Unbreakable, if your old items don't stack with the old ones, a common fix it simply to drop them on the ground and pick them back up, it'll update them!

    Super Compactors
    -Super Compactors now work with wool.
    -Super Compactors now work with fishing and flower minions.

    Balancing Changes
    -Clay price is changed from 3 to 2
    -Ice Minions are now approximately 2x faster

    Auction House changes
    -Clicking towards the Auction Master will redirect the click on him if there are players in front.
    -Changed the auction displays to only show the hottest auctions, instead of the highest prices.

    -The bank deposit element in the bank now shows the time until next interest (same as the information element).
    -If you manually broke the hub portal with previous methods you may now purchase a Hub Portal from Jerry
    -Something something of something Jerry
    -Roofed Forest Island bats now spawn based on world time instead of SkyBlock time
    -Quiver Arrow now spawns on top of the SkyBlock Menu
    -Improved the way coin gains and skill exp gains are displayed on the screen.

    That's it for now!
    We know that this isn't the most exciting update content-wise, but it was much needed.
    Now that most of the painful work is done, the team is working almost 100% on new content.

    @aPunch - @codename_B - @Nitroholic_ - @Relenter : Tons of Bug Fixing
    @ConnorLinfoot - Performances + Bug Fixes + Minion voice lines
    @Minikloon - Profile Update
    @SteampunkStein - New Backpack Skin arts
    @Sylent, HPC and Bugs Team - Testing/QA
    Reminder that this list is not exhaustive. Developers on this list are often working on other projects.
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  2. Cool patch but sad about the clay nerf
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  3. Thank you for taking your time to fix the incredibly large number of bugs/glitches in Skyblock.

    Agreed, but at the end of the day it's probably for good
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  4. Neat
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  5. nikoooo

    nikoooo Active Member

    literally bruh
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  6. my armor is gone my chestplate and leggins it was upserior watfff upload_2019-9-11_21-24-4.png
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  7. KindaOP

    KindaOP Well-Known Member


    rip clay, considering it's almost useless aside from the rod now
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  8. Hype
    I like how people were expecting the big one to come. But this is still good. Good qol changes as well
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  9. Ok but my Dragon Hunter Runaan's is now gone...
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  10. yournotfunny

    yournotfunny Well-Known Member

    woah when you fixing intimidation talisman though
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  11. But why there is a secret nerf introduced to the game which reduces the crit damage?(not the % but the raw damage)
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  12. Truii

    Truii Active Member

    Aye thorns fixed.
    Btw the something something of something Jerry sounds Interesting xd
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  13. DocR3D

    DocR3D Active Member

    Raid RAID
    Hype !
    Any news about turning solo to coop island ?

    EDIT : It now has been done ! hypixel.net/threads/september-17-default-profiles-can-now-become-co-ops.2328030/
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2019
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  14. Nice patch, I haven't played a huge amount lately but it's still nice for these to be fixed for when I do play.
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  15. very cool
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  16. There was a rumor I heard saying that zealot eye drops changed to a percentage rate rather then a 1 in 5000 chance of a zealot spawning with one. Is this true?
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  17. Jovihi

    Jovihi Well-Known Member

    Nice, that was long overdue
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  19. abzers

    abzers Well-Known Member

    NoWifi NO✖WIFI
    we arent allowed to make money without playing 24/7 I guess

    hype for bug fixes that should have come 2 months ago

    edit: [​IMG]
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
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  20. Warped to my island and pulled out my bow. Was happily surprised to be able to fire it with my skeleton helmet on.
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