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    Reigns REIGN
    I really cannot keep up with everything in Skyblock! So much going on. Thank you for the updates.
  2. I’m already addicted to this game. Thanks for the updates!
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  3. I really look forward to personally getting more experience in the boss changes. I think it will work well but I’ll see what I think once I try it. I think it will be very good due to loot snatchers tho
  4. Tetratixsss

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    I want play with my friends without began again pls.
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  5. W SkyBlock!!! :D
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  6. Can you please make it so that I don’t have to restart on a new profile just to play with my friend? I just spent two weeks grinding up to aspect of the end and realized “hey, this would be fun with my friends!” And then promptly realized I can’t, as I have to start all over. Can this please be changed so I can just invite my friends onto my existing island?
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  7. when can anvils be used again?
  8. Please for the love of god add the fact that you can kick someone from a coop
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  9. Yes Captain!
  10. Jantje_de_man

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    What about the fairy soul with the lever in the nether;):oops:
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  11. Hey so I have an idea for a skyblock update! Baking! Basiacally you add costum recipes for things like cake, chocolate cake, maybe icecream, that kind of stuff and have heads that are decorated as the deserts! Right-clicking them would consume them and give you some sort of enchantment or something! You could use enchanteed sugar or cocoa beans for more advanced recipes that you would have to unlock by completing lower skilled baking things. This would help the economy of skyblock by adding new rare items for people to bid on! Also, maybe even a new kind of furnace called an "oven" and when you place it down and right clickit it coud give you a costum menue like how it is with enchanting table and crafting tables ect. Maybe even refridgerators or microwaves could be added! Please like if you like this idea and want to see it in skyblock so we can get it implimented^^!
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  12. i suck at this game
  13. Is it just me, or do a seemingly large number of servers have their indicators broken and/or not spawn a boss at all? I have been in a server for 3 hours and not a single indicator (other than the lava, but it wasn't moving) or boss has appeared. Is this a bug? Or is this intentional?
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  14. Very nice update love it
    doing great hypixel stay awesome
  15. Thank you Hypixel
  16. When will the next update come?
  17. Thank you for the update! I'm really enjoying Skyblock :)
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