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    My Skyblock account was some how deleted, hypixel please restore it i put countless hours into the game
  2. Hey so I have an idea for a skyblock update! Baking! Basiacally you add costum recipes for things like cake, chocolate cake, maybe icecream, that kind of stuff and have heads that are decorated as the deserts! Right-clicking them would consume them and give you some sort of enchantment or something! You could use enchanteed sugar or cocoa beans for more advanced recipes that you would have to unlock by completing lower skilled baking things. This would help the economy of skyblock by adding new rare items for people to bid on! Also, maybe even a new kind of furnace called an "oven" and when you place it down and right clickit it coud give you a costum menue like how it is with enchanting table and crafting tables ect. Maybe even refridgerators or microwaves could be added! Please like if you like this idea and want to see it in skyblock so we can get it implimented^^!
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  3. Thank you no loot box's
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    fishy fish
  5. Its the Dark Auction its a house in the wilderness (pond area) by the fairy. An NPC spawns at the house at 12:00 am (in-game time) on certain days.
  6. That's the best update ever!
  7. "We have a few key points for Monetization that we want to share with our community;
    • SkyBlock will never have P2W, ever. Even if the EULA updates and allows for it.
    • Make current ranks (VIP,VIP+,MVP,MVP+,MVP++) have most of the features.
    • No loot boxes in SkyBlock, we want to find better ideas, something new.
    • It has to be engaging to players, they must interact with it and have fun.
      3 words.
    • Carpentry and Runecrafting
  8. Anyone know what "I knew it!" is?
  9. please please please make it so i can add a player to my CO-OP if i already started 1. i added 1 of my friends and i want to add my other friends but i cant. please change that.
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  10. u can... /coopadd
  11. Who is this useful for again
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  12. Pls try to refrain from necro posting, thanks :)
  13. necroposting doesn't affect old threads in the news and announcements sub-forums, as when posted on, they don't jump to the top :)
  14. I guess, but I feel like they should know that necro posting isn't allowed in other places so yeah... this is harmless but if this person develops a habit, i don't like that at all

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