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    Today we are releasing our first large content patch for SkyBlock. It includes:
    • Fishing Update
    • 60+ Achievements
    • Redstone testing
    • A very mysterious place
    • Skills for lvl 26 to 50
    • Jerry
    • And more!
    If you missed our last few patches, you can find them here.

    Fishing Update
    Fishing is relaxing, but sometimes too relaxing.
    1.14 Fishing is currently broken, we will fix it. Better use 1.8.9 for now!

    Sea Creatures

    There is a lot to explain, too much! Instead we will give you some bullet points:
    • Players now have a chance to catch monsters while fishing, tons of monsters.​
    • In your Skill Menu you'll now find the Sea Creature Guide. "/scg" is a shortcut.​
    • The higher your Fishing Level, the crazier they get.​
    • Fishing Exp is now 4x higher. 4 times!​
    • You can fish Sea Creatures on your island, but the rates are higher in public islands.​
    • There are 3 new Collections (Lily Pads, Sponge, Ink Sacs).​
    • All new Collections have 9 Rewards.​
    • Most current Fishing Collections have new rewards.​
    • You can use Bait to increase your fishing speed and catch some Sea Creatures.​
    • There is a new Fishing Minion.​
    • Treasure loot changed.​
    • That's it, now fish!​

    • Added 51 new Challenge Achievements.
    • Added 9 Tiered Achievements (so 45 unique ones).
    • Explorer - Discover all Areas on the main island
    • Master Enchanter - Enchant something using 64 levels
    • Into the Deep - Reach the obsidian sanctuary in the Deep Caverns
    • Your adventure begins... - Travel to hub from your island
    • Lost Soul - Find a fairy soul
    • Quest complete! - Complete the Villager Quest
    • Arcadia - Place 5 unique Islands on your private world
    • Combined efforts - Start a coop
    • The Flint Bros! - Find both Pat and Rick
    • Promise Fulfilled - Max out a promising tool
    • A Challenging Climb - Scale the Spider's Den
    • Soul Hunter - Find 20 fairy souls
    • Production Expanded - Unlock a new minion slot
    • Mass Production - Craft a level XI minion
    • I knew it! - ??????
    • Your Big break - Survive an entire SkyBlock year without dying
    • Happy New Year - Obtain a New Year's Cake from the Baker
    • Expensive Brew - Brew a Tier VIII Potion
    • Worth it - Spend more than 200 levels on a single Sword enchantment
    • Supreme Farmer - Wear a full set of Farm Armor
    • Welcome to my Factory - Place a Farm Crystal
    • Brain Power - Drink an Adrenaline Potion
    • Spiky - Craft a Thorns 3 book
    • Gottagofast - Wear the full Speedster Armor
    • King of the chickens - Obtain the Feather Artifact
    • This is fair - Kill a pig using the Pigman Sword
    • Time to go on vacation - Upgrade a minion with the Super Compactor 3000
    • Super Fuel - Upgrade a minion with the Enchated Lava Bucket
    • Advanced Transportation - Sell an item using the Enchanted Hopper
    • The One Bottle - Craft a Titanic experience bottle
    • Precious Minerals - Wear a full set of Emerald Armor
    • Accessories Galore - Unlock the final Talisman Bag upgrade
    • More Space - Expand a minion using the Minion Expander
    • Deep Storage - Unlock the level 3 Enderchest Upgrade
    • Overkill - Drink a Critical 3 Potion
    • No Enchants Needed - Drink a Burning Potion
    • It Never Ends - Kill a zombie using the zombie sword
    • Three Birds, One Arrow - Kill 3 monsters with one shot from Runaans Bow
    • Higher Than a Rabbit - Wear the Spider Boots
    • Death From Above - Kill a mob using the damage from the leaping sword ability
    • Hsssss - Wear the Creeper Pants
    • Second Chance - Consume the Saving Grace
    • Flamin Hot - Consume 200 Magma Creams using the Magma Bow
    • Time To Start Fishing - Place the Pond Island
    • King Of The Sea - Wear the Guardian Chestplate
    • Bigger Storage Is Seeded - Place a Large Storage Chest
    • I Am Groot - Wear a set of Growth Armor with a Bonus 100 hp
    • A good spider is a dead spider - Kill the Broodmother
    • Cute Little Cube - Kill the Magma Boss
    • ??? - ??????

    Redstone Testing

    We are starting to implement Redstone but very slowly, with more testing we will implement more features.
    • Pistons are disabled (they can break many things still).
    • Minecarts are limited to 3 on the entire island, for performance reasons.
    • You now have a Redstone Meter in your scoreboard when using Redstone.
    • If you reach 100%, Redstone will be disabled on your island for 10 seconds.
    • If everything goes well, we will add more Redstone features in the next updates.
    General Changes
    • Skills now have rewards for levels 26 to 50. (Some players already reached lvl 25!)
    • There is now a mysterious NPC that appears at a mysterious time at a mysterious place for a mysterious event.
    • Enchanted Iron efficient recipe got fixed.
    • Magma Armor bonus got fixed, again.
    • [PIG+] rank now works in SkyBlock.
    • The Guide is now Jerry.
    • You can’t get rid of Jerry because there is always another Jerry to replace him
    • Jerry can give you an egg to place Jerry somewhere else
    • Jerry will now give you updates on SkyBlock patches and eventual deliveries
    • Jerry can change the biome of your island if you give him Biome sticks
    • Auto Smelter now works with Cactus -> Cactus Green Dye
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Auto Smelter not working for ores placed in Storage chests
    • Fixed some cases of sugar cane growing on the Mushroom Desert island without the bottom piece
    • Fixed some cases of Storage chests becoming normal chests
    • Fixed the ideal layout menu for Ghast minion showing wrong radius
    • Fixed enchanted iron and enchanted eye of ender not having the new easier recipe
    • Fixed dead Witches coming back to life
    • Fixed Launch Pad particles showing across worlds
    • Fixed the Slime Hat
    • Fixed being able to place down enchanted redstone
    • Fixed some sponge blocks in the hub island
    • Fixed the Super Compactor using too many bones to craft enchanted bones
    • Fixed some more exploits

    What’s next?

    Few weeks ago, we made the decision that it was time to publicly test SkyBlock. That is, even if we felt like we needed more time to polish a few features and reach higher quality. The decision to release early was because we believe that letting the community be part of the development early on is critical to its future updates. Also, we were having quite a bit of fun already, so why not!

    Reality is, the Hypixel team spent the last 6 months working on SkyBlock and had no idea if the community would love our version of SkyBlock. Was it worth investing more time into a game that we had no idea would work or not? It was a big gamble for us to spend so much energy on it in the first place, it was time to get the players involved as well.

    The success of SkyBlock is mind-blowing. In the past few days, Hypixel has seen the fastest growth it has ever experienced. The game is twice as popular as Bed Wars right now, we could not have predicted that.

    With the massive success of SkyBlock, we are going to do a few things;
    • Release constant small bug patches every few days.
    • Release content updates on Tuesdays (not every Tuesdays, but most!)
    • Improve existing features that feel low quality.
    • Focus on new high quality content, not quantity.
    • Implement monetization that is fair and fun (no P2W).
    To expand on the topic of monetization, it’s important to understand that SkyBlock has a few problems right now;
    • SkyBlock servers uses twice as much resources (2x expensive)
    • It doesn’t have a traditional lobby, so it does not participate in the global monetization of Hypixel.
    • Currently has 0 monetization.
    We have a few key points for Monetization that we want to share with our community;
    • SkyBlock will never have P2W, ever. Even if the EULA updates and allows for it.
    • Make current ranks (VIP,VIP+,MVP,MVP+,MVP++) have most of the features.
    • No loot boxes in SkyBlock, we want to find better ideas, something new.
    • It has to be engaging to players, they must interact with it and have fun.

    We are aiming to release our monetization content in July. That will allow us to order more servers and expand our team as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will have to cap the player count from time to time.

    As for game content, we are planning to have tons of new boss fights (with interesting mechanics), big events, more dangerous islands to explore, new quests, more skills, more items, museum, more recipes, guests to your private islands, dungeons with scaling difficulty system, end game progression features, island furniture, replayability features and so much more.

    In conclusion, your feedback and suggestions are super important and have already affected the future of the game, keep it coming!

    Thanks for reading, see you next Tuesday!

    @Dctr - Fishing Update
    @OrangeMarshall - Achievements
    @Likaos - Redstone
    @aPunch - Skills
    @Relenter - Some mysterious event
    @ConnorLinfoot - Jerry
    @Sylent, HPC and Bugs Team - Testing/QA
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