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  1. Just a quick update here to let you know the current status of SkyBlock.

    Our goal over the past few days has been to fix bugs, exploits and resolve issues of all kind. Unfortunately, we have discovered that we need to rewrite some core services related to profiles to handle most of the problem we are seeing. This rewrite will take a few days and it is a complex puzzle for us to solve. However, progress is being made and it will allow us to safely use backups, exploits, track coins and much more to make SkyBlock as stable as possible.

    That being said, we are aware that some of you have lost coins while using the auction house during the network issues of today and we are gathering all the names of players affected. It's all we can do for now, there is no safe way for us to give back the coins to everyone at once - so we ask for your patience during that time and you will be given back your coins as soon as the rewrite to the core service is completed. This also includes people who have affected about 2 weeks ago.
    The problem occurs when the main database is having a few seconds delay, then the communication to the auction master is delayed and then the communication fails to give back the coins to the players. We are adding quick temp solutions to this, but really the real fix is to have this new profile rewrite done.

    To avoid further issues, we are going to severely limit the player count in the next few hours (or days) and test a few potential fixes. We are OK to have fewer players in SkyBlock if it means a better experience, but we are still motivated to get back to our record-breaking player count and get everyone to play again.

    I will do my best to keep you guys updated, but I will personally be extremely busy in the next 2 weeks so updates might come from the rest of the team.

    Thank you all for your support, issues are as frustrating for us as it is to you.

    Update 1: We have found the reason why the network was crashing today - unrelated to SkyBlock. However, SkyBlock does not handle network issues very well.
    We have made plans to move Auction+Bank systems to an independent system so that network issues do not affect SkyBlock as much.
    Just to note, we are focusing on fixing the network crash fix :)

    Update 2: Housing (of all things) was doing some weird things to our core service called MasterControl and was crashing the entire network. The problem is, whenever the network is having issues, SkyBlock is the most affected because a lot of the core game of SkyBlock requires MasterControl to be stable... so yeah now we are moving the core systems for SkyBlock out of MasterControl into it's own service so we don't have issues when MasterControl decides to dies. This requires a bit of time, so the player count of SkyBlock will be limited until it's resolved. We are aiming for tomorrow, we will work hard to make it happen but no promises.
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  2. Synth_

    Synth_ Member

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  3. OBVon

    OBVon Well-Known Member

    keep up the good work, love this game and you all!
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  4. okay dad
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  5. My WiFi doesn’t even work so this doesn’t affect me

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  6. You'll figure it out! Keep it up
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  7. cloudleo

    cloudleo Active Member

    Just play mega walls
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  8. here we go with the forums
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  9. Thanks for the information c:
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  10. plz i want my bone helmet back
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  11. hopefully bugs can be fixed faster with this
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  12. Maybe pin this thread to the top? That way everyone later will see it.
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  13. Good
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  14. Stupid question when this happens do minions still work or act like the toys in toy story?
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  15. KK_Magic

    KK_Magic Active Member

    OMG finally I can get my 9.2 million from glitched dragon sword. Ty Hypixel!!
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  16. jeb_1

    jeb_1 Active Member

    Raid RAID
    best of luck
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  17. dojimc

    dojimc Active Member

    No problem for me, I can wait patiently, I don't even need my mills back if the server is fixed and everything works fine it's fine for me
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  18. Bring back Numerical IP's I have 369 ping ever since u blocked numerical IP"s!
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  19. #19
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  20. What about items that Glitched Away? After the Crash i lost 10 Hot Potato Books, 1 unenchanted Rapid Runaan, Dragon hunter 1 book, 5 Enchanted books for bow, they all were in a chest on my Island.
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