1. Many people can agree, that Skyblock is, or was, a great game. But now there are many things that ruin the game and I notice that the community isn't that happy with Skyblock anymore. Skyblock is a different kind of game, it isn't like Bedwars. Where you need to win the game. Skyblock's purpose is to have fun. But we can't have that when there are these many problems in the game.

    If I am missing any please notify me

    • Scammers are not punished and staff do nothing
    • Skyblock expects you to grind for days for useless items like Reaper Scythe, Overflux, and Mosquito
    • Skyblock just isn't fun. It doesn't have any large quests apart from Slayers. And after you complete all of the Quests from the quests menu in Skyblock. You pretty much have nothing to do.
    • (Controversial) YouTubers will often use their fans to get rich in Skyblock. Think of it, most YouTubers who play Skyblock are very rich and have a 50m Midas'. Now I can say that most YouTubers don't deserve the hate from their fans, most of the time their fans are just helping them out and that's fine. But there are some youtubers who just expect money from their fans and will take all donations.
    • ItsPrix ban evaded and doesn't deserve YT rank
    • Crazy economy. Skyblock's economy has been screwed up a lot. Players would use dupe glitches or exploits to get tons of money.

    • By @CosmicScythe : Skyblock hasn't been getting updated frequently. There hasn't been a major update for about 6 months aside from slayers. Which we all know is very fun.
    • By @Vanabram : The game isn't for casual players anymore. It seems to be more for players that grind 25 hours a day and it doesn't have any fun if you only have to grind.
    • By @Vanabram : New Enchanted Diamond Block Glitch has already ruined the economy https://sky.lea.moe/stats/Stemony/Mango

    Again, this is all controversial and this is my opinion. I respect all your opinions so please tell me what you think.

    [​IMG]yeah boyyy
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  2. Agree rating given
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  3. This is what i've been trying to tell people
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  4. First and yes..

    The pvp side games are better but still have CHEATERS
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  5. 5ia


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    Beam BEAM
    A wise man once said, "In order to get slightly better items, you need to put in like 10 days of effort."
    Also, the scammer problem can easily be fixed if the community were actually competent enough to realize not to trust complete strangers.
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  6. Also the lack of updates are making this game very boring. Around 5-6months they announced dungeons and it is still not out yet. I understand devs on vacation or celebrating christmas/new years. But still 5-6 months and the only major update was slayers is pretty pathetic if you ask me.
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  7. 10 days of straight playtime*
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. got it ty
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  10. Good
    You dont have to get them
    This is because end game players are currently “done”. Also you forgot to add [OPINION] in the title
    This doesnt matter
    Proof he ban evaded?, meets all the requirements anyway so he cant so anything
    Agreed, but still a prototype game
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  11. 5ia


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    Beam BEAM
    oh right, my bad. who needs a life when you can easily be clicking on an NPC for 5 days straight and spending the rest to grind slayers.
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  12. Thank you. I'll consider these
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  13. Don’t forget

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  14. Oh I though you were talking about in-game ranks
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  15. No dupe glitch has ever actually impacted the economy so far (they all get banned, patched and inventory/stat wiped). Although with the no inventory wipes for diamond-block dupers they catch, and the even more very obvious dupers they for some reason are not banning, this might change very soon.

    This is a fact. Name one time the economy was affected from a dupe, you can't. Why? Because dupes are always stopped, bids are blocked, and players punished.
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  16. DoggyDoge

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    I can see the admins getting lazy and just resetting everything.
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  17. *Laughs in Mytrenix* or whatever his name was
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  18. I swear this has been most of Hypixel's games in general lately. They release the beta/PTL, and it's amazing at first, then slowly goes to shit. I honestly feel like it's several games in general.
  19. Honestly I was mad at the Devs when they deleted KoTH and not Tower Wars
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  20. That's not why Skyblock is not fun if you think hours of doing the same thing over and over with no change is fun your opinion is wrong. The most fun i have had in Skyblock since i got to the end was just getting money from clay minions because it takes 3 minutes and i can just log off and repeat. Grinding is not rewarding at all after getting something that costs a lot i don't feel any sense of accomplishment i just feel like i wasted my time. Probably spent 4 hours on slayer update and got bored and never did it again, same with dragons.

    Skyblock is just a grinding simulator and a normal person would find it boring after a couple of days
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