1. xTopazz

    xTopazz Active Member

    How has there not been a major update in 3 months? During that time I've collected pretty much everything and all I can do right now is to wait for Minion loot. All Islands, including the End are pretty much dead and there are no strong mobs or bosses. Nothing. Even my Island is built to the limit.
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  2. Yeah. Dungeons are never coming though.
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  3. some other gamemodes havent had an update in over a year so no point in complaining...
    3 months ago was around the time skyblock was released.

    edit: I play sb as well, ive acquired a lot of stuff in the time that has passed, but im not going around complaining about no update since i know some other game modes havent been updated in a long time and people in those games have a reason to complain.
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  4. xTopazz

    xTopazz Active Member

    Do other gamemodes have 30k players though?
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  5. Minikloon says the update will be "about tuesday". Guess it was wrong :(
  6. klin44

    klin44 Active Member

    Go fishing.
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  7. You can read my boss ideas thread to kill time, it’s long.
    Though could I see your island? I need to feel worse about myself
  8. xTopazz

    xTopazz Active Member

    That's what I did, but I stopped after getting the Bait Talisman and Diver's Armor. Basically there's nothing I can get from fishing, except Fishing XP and a few coins.
  9. Damn dude how many hours did you put into this block game
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  10. xTopazz

    xTopazz Active Member

    yeah party me if you're online
  11. Screen shots possible? I probably can’t use my computer for the next few days (it ran into some problems ;-; )
  12. when did he say that?
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  13. 1 - If you think 3 months is too long, look at Geometry Dash
    2 - It might be a good update
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  14. Been dealing with the same phenomenon with Hytale. I guess Hypixel projects just have a slow workflow to begin with, but the quality is worth it.
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  15. Wait what about hytale? Are you a hytale dev?

    Come on just read my boss ideas post
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  16. hes not
  17. Build on your island, make something amazing!
  18. quality > quantity, I like your way of thinking.

    I would much rather wait a big and get a massive exciting update than a rushed one
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  19. xTopazz

    xTopazz Active Member

    There are some empty spots still, but I'd rather wait in case I need Island spots for a future update

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  20. they would if they updated them, the reason why skyblock is so popular its because its new, bedwars was pretty popular like 2 years ago, but its no longer as popular as it was back in the days.
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