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  1. Hello,

    The SkyBlock forums are filled with good ideas and suggestions, but even the best threads get buried and ideas get lost.

    The concept of this thread is to focus on 1 aspect of the game (in this case Items and Collections) and let players suggest ideas.
    After 1 week, the thread will be closed.
    If any of your item ideas end up in the game, you will be rewarded this Special item:
    This item does nothing! A simple reward for a great idea :)

    How does this work?
    • The topic is "Items and Collections". You can suggest new items and rewards in ANY existing collection, even collections with already 9 rewards. You can even suggest rewards for collections that are not in the game yet, or even mob drops, quest rewards, any item!
    • After 1 week (next Saturday) the thread will be closed.
    • Every single comment will be read.
    • The best ideas will go on our documents, and if we release your item, or get inspired by your idea, you will receive the Creative Mind item.
    • Bonus points for End Stone Collection items!
    Let us know what you think about those threads!

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  2. Ok i know this doesn't belong to the items/collections theme, but i still have a suggestion (maybe you need an item like bank token to unlock them ;) )

    I think there could be differnt banks:

    -2% Interesst
    -0% Coin Lose

    Mine Banks INC.:
    -3% Interesst
    -20% Coin Lose

    Jungle Bank Corp.:
    -4% Interesst
    -50% Coin Lose

    Nova Bank LLC:
    -6% Interesst
    -75% Coin Lose

    There should also be an option to get a loan with about 10% interrest after 1 season
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  3. just dropping this here ;)
    edit: instead of buying it from the merchant this could be added to one of the wood collections

    edit 2: I made another suggestion
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  4. An idea i have is for mobs such as chickens, cows and ect.
    after about halfway/early in the collection you unlock a crafting recipe for spawn eggs of that mob (for example crafting a cow spawn egg would look like this)
    this could be done for possibly all mobs (maybe even hostile ones?)
    reason for this would to make it so you can spawn mobs where ever youd like easily!
    would only be able to spawn them on your private island of course.
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  5. Megit

    Megit Well-Known Member

    Glory of War
    The Compactor Hopper 4000

    It could be as either collection X in Cobblestone or Iron Ingots.

    The purpose of this item would be that it is a hopper that turns anything that goes into it, into the enchanted version. Say you have a chest on top of it full of Gunpowder, the Compactor Hopper 4000 will then pull the items into it, take 160 Gunpowder and output 1 Enchanted Gunpowder into an inventory below. - All of this could also be made into a custom GUI in the Compactor Hopper 4000 itself.

    The recipe could be 5 Enchanted Iron Blocks and 1 Super Compactor 3000, placed in the way a normal hopper is made, making this a expensive item due to how good it will be.

    As to why this item is needed, minions are quite popular, but a lot of vanilla farms exist as well. In terms of the pig farms that use minions to spawn pigs that fall to their death, then the Compactor Hopper 4000 can help compress all those items into their enchanted form, rather than oneself having to manually do it over and over.


    And the Super Compactor Artifact

    This could be Obsidian collection X. It would work similar to the Piggy Bank. You right-click it and it will open a GUI where you can select the item(s) you want to compact. Then you will simply have it in your inventory or in your talisman bag and it will compact any resource you have selected into the enchanted form once you have enough of it.

    The recipe could be 1 Super Compactor 3000 and 4x 16 Enchanted Obsidian, in shape of a plus.
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  6. Should be some bank upgrades in the gold collection

    Or tbh I think the banker should have a section where you can buy a better bank account for a season or year. "VIP Year Plan" for 250k and it will change your interest to 3%. "Elite Year Plan" for 1 million and makes your max bank balance 100million etc.

    But that's outside of this thread. But please do this, We need better and more interaction with the bank
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  7. I think there should be a sword similar to Aspect of the End as a reward for killing the Ender Dragon boss (after the development team adds the End Dimension). However, the sword should be an epic, like the ember rod, and have maybe +150 damage and +100 strength. Also, it should have an ability that has to do with the dragon, such as firing an ender charge (wait, did they add ender charges in 1.8 or 1.9?).
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  8. Idea for a armor set:

    Golem armor
    It is already in the game but listed as a coming soon.
    It could be crafted with iron blocks and would give you a massive protection bonus but also slowness 1 or 2. If you would wear the whole set you will lose the slowness effect, because the boots and leggins would walk for you.
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  9. The Super Compactor 3000 already does that
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  10. The Magical Water Bucket, an item that could come from a late fishing or Ice collection, simply provides an infinite portable water bucket, would help in saving time for builders and farmers looking to expand whilst reducing the potentially tedious step of going back and forth between an infinite water source with dozens of empty buckets.
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  11. 1.8
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  12. Furnace upgrades:

    I thik there should be furnace upgrades you could enter with a shift click or a new interface

    Iron Version:
    Speed upgrade (Maybe 1.25x Speed)

    Luck Upgrade (Mabye 5% change to get double ore)

    Fuel Upgrade (Maybe +1 use for Fuel)

    Gold Version:
    Speed Upgrade (Maybe 1.5x Speed)

    Luck Upgrade (Maybe 10% chance to get double metal)

    Fuel Upgrade (Maybe +2 use for Fuel)
    View attachment 1231910

    Diamond Version:
    Speed Upgrade (Maybe 2x Speed)

    Luck Upgrade (Maybe 15% chace to egt double metal)

    Fuel Upgrade (Maybe +3/4 Use for Fuel)

    Possible Interface: 2019-07-13_19.09.53.png 2019-07-13_19.09.49.png 2019-07-13_19.09.50.png 2019-07-13_19.09.48.png 2019-07-13_19.09.48_2.png

    Sorry if some screenshots are in the wrong order.
    That are alot of them and minecraft doesn't save them as well.
    Hope you still got what i ment :)


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  13. Lava bucket trade at netherrack collection tier 4 upload_2019-7-13_11-26-41.png
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  14. Thanks, then the ender charge idea could work :)
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  15. Fishing crystal - clownfish collection unlock

    increases fishing speed by 15% and sea creature catch rate by 5% within an 8 block radius.

    Crafted with 16 enchanted raw fish (corners), 12 enchanted raw salmon (top and bottom slots above and below middle slot), 4 enchanted puffer fish (left middle), 2 enchanted clownfish (right middle), then 4 enchanted lilypad in the center.
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  16. Hysea

    Hysea Well-Known Member

    Minions items warpers:

    Crafting would give 2 of them, it would act as a minion enhancement: on clicking the "collect all" button in the minion UI, all the items would be transfered in the chest which contains the other items warper.

    This way, you could easily put a hopper under the destination chest and organize your items.

    Recipe suggestion: 2 enchanted ender eyes + 5 enchanted irons (exactly like the hopper craft recipe, with the ender eyes instead of the chest).

    Item appearance: enchanted hopper.

    Collection: Enderpearls, tiers ~5
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  17. The Ore Forge, a level 10 Iron collection recipe, if placed, any minions that produce ore such as iron minions, gold, diamond etc. in a 5x5 area around the forge will receive a 20% boost to their production speed on top of any existing fuel buffs. The Forge would cost 8 enchanted Iron blocks in a square like a furnace with an enchanted lava bucket from the coal collection in the middle of the recipe. Actual values could probably be tweaked but given the cost of the forge it would mean the time put in to craft it would be worth the potential increase in production across all other ore mining minions.
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  18. You guys should have a like a recipe book for like enchanted items
    so instead of putting 5 stacks of items in you can just click enchanted cobblestone and boom
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  19. Often people want to trade outside of the AH, sometimes with items but sometimes with money.

    This is rather difficult because you can't just give money, an option to add money while trading or a piece of paper you can add money to at the bank, an item that might fit in the gold, emerald or sugar cane collection.
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  20. Yeah i'm waiting for the perfect armour and the pets (I really want a pet)
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