1. Hey,

    Here’s this really cool discord server that’s actually legit and does some really nice giveaways for skyblock.

    No requirement to win the giveaways :D

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  2. Why are people posting these shitty giveaway servers
  3. if you’ve joined then you would have seen some decent ones such as summoning eyes and enc dia blocks and stuff
  4. K22


    K22 Member

    Innit SB
    Guild Master
    they just want invites so they can get free stuff
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  5. I would join but I don't support people with wannabe semi-OG names so I'm not.
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  6. Says the one with the derp skin
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  7. DanBul

    DanBul Well-Known Member

    Because TheNoobCharizard is OG, lol.
  8. It's not, I just can't stand people who have some obscure English word as their username and think they're cool because of it. It's not as bad as those people who replace a with q though, like if my name was charizqrd
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  9. Already joined
    Does my name work?
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