1. OK so.
    I just had the BEST idea ever
    you know how in bedwars theres that thingy that u favorite your purchases?
    so we should have that in skyblock
    instead of taking all the stuff to my inventory and crafting them and craftin them and AGAIN CRAFTING THEM
    just favorite that recipe.
    take stuff to your inv, click the menu, click the recipe and BOOM
    there should also be an option to take all the stuff from inv to do that recipe like if i have 20 stacks of porkchop and i choose "craft all" all 20 stacks turn into the enchanted porkchop
    dude im the best like and sub
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  2. I made a similar suggestion a few months ago that can be found here: https://hypixel.net/threads/2093827/

    I definitely agree that crafting needs a more improved system since much of the game revolves around it. At this point it's basically just a time sink rather than an interesting implementation.

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