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    You guys have so much time on your hands haha. Good post.
  3. +1 very good ideas would be a great addition to skyblock however with the functionality of the beacons it would be nice if the fuel made the effects last indefinitely as long as the beacon remained fuelled and when it ran out, the effects would disappear. Overall, this suggestion is super and very professionally put together and seems very fitting to the over all skyblock theme besides a few minor things!! =)
  4. Also well done for writing a short novel :p
  5. Let's go jet my man making the map still can't carry me in build battle though :(
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  6. omegalul

    (I blame @darthdoesmc and @BOGA32 )

    On a serious note great thread Billy. Really thought out.
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  7. BOGA32

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    Well done!
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  8. It's not very often I say this but... Good job Billy. I see a great candidate for the Player Council.
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  9. I absolutely love the idea of this thread and would not change most of it except for a few things that I will be listing here:
    This recipe doesn't match the other recipes for portals so I made a new, more appropriate one. Please let me know what you think.
    (Let's pretend that's the skyblock crafting grid and that it's actually giving you a portal.
    Why does this portal have to be unlocked in two different collections? I'd put it in the collection with the least rewards. Or maybe this is a bug idk

    Overall good job on the thread and I would love to see this implemented
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  10. Definitely better than rainbow update lol you got my vote.
  11. Nice thread - like the graphical elements throughout.

    (Also obligated to say OMEGALUL)
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  12. You're late sir.
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  13. i like the gravity falls GIF
  14. Awesome one.
  15. I'm honestly really impressed with how much you thought this out and what its turned into. Quite a few of us know how long and how hard you've worked on this and it's been worth it. I like the idea's you've came up with and some could be improved with the feed back i'm sure you'll get from people. But overall, very cool and I hope this thread gets all the recognition it deserves!:)

    ps. OMEGALUL
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  16. Great ideas!
  17. Jet711

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    So happy I could help make this project come to life ;)
  18. Nice work Jet :)
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  19. Good job!! And a great thread!
  20. This is good

    But I want achievements

    Jokes aside, this is great! (No joke tho, some new achievements would be epic)

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