Should the ability to pay and trade players money be added?

  1. Yes!

  2. No!

  3. Yes, but with some changes (please elaborate below)

  1. Hey! I think think this is a great idea. It would most likely prevent scamming, which is very beneficial to the community.
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  2. People can already paypal for items and coins using the AH, you can't really stop that and it shouldn't determine why this feature should or shouldn't be added.
  3. Echks

    Echks Well-Known Member

    the fact that they tried to add an economy but didn't add direct purchasing is absurd and they should feel bad
  4. This NEEDS to be added. I got scammed too many times from putting the money on their Auction for the item.
  5. yes add a /pay player command then you don't always have to ah items
  6. joeyexel

    joeyexel New Member

    yes, there should be a way to pay from youre own profille to a friend on youre coop.
  7. or just be able to pay people not in your coop
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  8. Ninjachop6

    Ninjachop6 New Member

    Grip you can o that with the aah anyway...
    they should add it to trades so i dont get scammed for 4 mill AGAIN!
  9. it would be fun like any skyblock 2x the money such as bone meal flower, casino, and much more.
  10. you can make a 3 block long grassblock decroate around it and advertise it in hub and then put a trash item in ah it would be simler to do if you could do /pay username though and more trust worthy
  11. /pay would be nice for if your doing trades to people for items and your offers money instead of having yo buy items to add to the vaule of the item you wanna trade for for gods sake simon or hypixel devs you need to add this us the players want it
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  12. I tweeted about this to Simon with the link let’s tweet about to him to prove that we the players want this
  13. DrySoup

    DrySoup Well-Known Member

    Calm C
    Trial Officer
  14. We should add /borrow (player_name) to borrow money from one person. You can also choose to pay how much and when to return it. If you keep the money after the due date, you will have your money deduced from your bank or purse automatically with 20% more money you owe every 3 days your date is overdue.
  15. +1. Add /pay and the ability to add money to trades. Great idea.
  16. 100% agree
  17. I agree, but why use /pay when you can just add it to /trade?
  18. What if 1) that person can't afford to pay back the money and 2) what about people creating alt accounts which they use to borrow money (which then is never paid off)?

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