skinz for nons over lvl 100?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. probably the only donor saying this but whatever, I understand why the skins are not available to nons but thought it would be cool if nons over lvl 100 could use skins cause it shows they are actually dedicated to the game. :p or at least let nons have the legendary or pres 3 or something every class has.
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  2. Inb4 flame war.

    But I agree, I think lvl 100 would work
  3. I agree. And btw, put the "for donors over lvl 100" in the title so that people know what this threads about! Otherwise they might think its just some randy showing their skins.
  4. The idea is good but i think level 100 maybe too high :eek:
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  5. xxKat

    xxKat Well-Known Member

    No, if anything let them pick a few skins per class then.

    If they want skins and COSMETICS buy a rank a support the server. VIP is literally 5$ around sales
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  6. ImmortalSlap

    ImmortalSlap Member

    Gimme skins
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  7. It's literally just cosmetic. They already have the P III Skin.
    Don't they have to show dedication on mw itself?
  8. Just give nons SOME skins not all just like 1 at least!
  9. JennyS

    JennyS Active Member

  10. Wahoo Mc

    Wahoo Mc Well-Known Member

    No we dont deserve skins because of our level that can be achieved through simple grinding, ive been playing for whats 3 years now? And im not even level 60 because i dont farm levels. Im just suggesting maybe add 1 more skin for allor allowing nons to get the legendary skin to have them chill out im honestly fine with only having access to 1 achievement skin for each class that comes with pres III
  11. absolutely not, if you want the skins, donate to the server. also, how can you be over level 100 and still not have a donor rank. oh wait...

    no but seriously donors get skins nons dont. its as simple as that.
  12. UGame45

    UGame45 Well-Known Member

    Radiance MEMBER
    Im network l.lv 93 and thus this is an ibstant disagree

    Dumb nons should buy a rank
  13. I'm gonna have to disagree but I've already argued on one of these today so I'm not gonna start now but I may come back later.

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